Does Astrology Exist in वेद

Some scholars are of the opinion that it is the astronomy which is given in वेद not the astrology. The entire knowledge is given in वेद and astrology is one of the parts of that knowledge. The संस्कृत term ज्योतिष includes both astronomy as well as astrology. ज्योतिष is one of the 6 limbs of वेद and it is accepted in वेद as eyes of वेद. Modern scholars accept the existence of astronomy in वेद but not astrology. In संस्कृत the astronomy is known as गणित ज्योतिष and astrology as फलित ज्योतिष.

This is very hard to believe the non existence of astrology in वेद. When it is said that ज्योतिष is the eyes of वेद then it clearly indicates astronomy as well as astrology. The following मंत्र is given in वेद clearly explains the entire astrological networking: –

ॐ चत्वारि श्रृङ्गा त्रयो अस्य पादा, द्वे शीर्षे सप्त हस्तासो अस्य ।
त्रिधा बद्धो वृषभो रोरवीति, महो देवो मर्त्या ग्वं २ आविवेश ॥

The meaning of above मंत्र is an amazing bull that fulfills every desires & making shout, having four horns, three legs, two heads, seven hands is bounded to three places and this महादेव is entering the mortals.

The above मंत्र and its meaning, indicate a code which should be decoded to arrive at a clear meaning. The following is will be the meaning after decoding: –

चत्वारि श्रृङ्गा : – (1) धर्म, (2) अर्थ, (3) काम, (4) मोक्ष. These four types of पुरुषार्थ are the four horns.

त्रयो अस्य पादा : – (1) भूतकाल, (2) वर्त्तमानकाल, (3) भविष्यकाल. These three times are three legs.

द्वे शीर्षे : – (1) गणित ज्योतिष, (2) फलित ज्योतिष. These two major divisions of ज्योतिष are the two heads.

सप्त हस्तासो : – (1) सूर्य, (2) चन्द्रमा, (3) मंगल, (4) बुध, (5) गुरु, (6) शुक्र, (7) शनि. These seven planets are the hands. Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets so they are not planets like these seven planets.

त्रिधा बद्धो : – (1) लग्न, (2) चन्द्रलग्न, (3) सूर्यलग्न. These are the three places where it is bounded.

रोरवीति : – Shouting while fulfilling the desires. It is the moment of first cry of a newly born fulfilling the desires of person. This time is recorded for the casting of horoscope.

महो देवो मर्त्या ग्वं २ आविवेश : – This signifies that at this moment there is entrance eternal light in mortal to make the newly born alive and keep him alive. The solar light through breathing enters into his body first time.

In above मंत्र the entire process of astrology is described. This shows astrology exists in वेद.

Written by

Vishal Aksh

(The aforesaid post was first written by me on the timeline of my facebook on Sunday, August 25, 2013 and the link for that is also given hereunder:


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