Why Ketu is like Mars & Rahu like Saturn?

Every one using Vedic astrology for predictions knows that Ketu is like Mars & Rahu is like Saturn but most of them are not aware why is it so? In Vedic astrology every statement is supported by logic or a proof. The proof of every statement used in Vedic astrology may be based on common sense, natural laws or texts on Vedic literature.

So there must be some reasoning behind this statement about Rahu & Ketu. Now I am going to explain it in a very interesting way and the explanation is as follows:

(1) Ketu does not have lordship over any sign of zodiac it has ruler ship over Ashwani, Magha & Moola Nakshatras.

(2) Rahu does not have lordship over any sign it has ruler ship over Ardra, Swati & Shatbhisa Nakshatras.

(3) All the nakshatras ruled by Ketu come under Mesh, Simh & Dhanur rashi respectively

(4) All the Nakshatras ruled by Rahu come under Mithun, Tula & Kumbh rashi respectively

(5) Mesh, Simh & Dhanur are fiery sign so all the Nakshatras of Ketu come under fiery rashi

(6) Mithun, Tula & Kumbh are airy signs so all the Nakshatras of Rahu come under airy rashi

(7) The fiery planets are Sun & Mars and Sun being luminary so cannot be compared with shadow planet so the only fiery planet is Mars and Ketu is also known as Anal (Fire) and that is why Ketu is like Mars.

(8) The only airy planet is Saturn and that is why Rahu is like Saturn

The following sloka is from ancient text on Vedic astrology:

अंगारकफलं केतो राहोरप्यर्कजस्य वै । ( Angarkphalam Keto Rahorpyarkjasya vee ।)

The meaning of above Sanskrit sloka is that Ketu is similar to Mars in giving the effect and Rahu is similar to Saturn in giving effects.

(This post was first written on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 by me on the timeline of my facebook. Follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/vishal.aksh.7/posts/262373607273811 to view this post)

written by

Vishal Aksh


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