Cancellation Of Debilitation Written By Vishal Aksh

This is perhaps the most important concept in Vedic astrology to consider the Cancellation of debilitation. In Vedic astrology debilitated planets are supposed to give adverse results except Mars. In debilitation too Mars is supposed to give plenty of wealth. Cancellation of debilitation of any planet makes that planet exalted in giving its results.

(1) In Vedic astrology there are two types of cancellation of debilitation of a planet in any horoscope:

(1.1) Cancellation of debilitation in Horoscope

(1.2) Cancellation of debilitation in transit.

There is also third type of cancellation of debilitation but it is not given anywhere and it is entirely based on my years of experience in the field of Vedic astrology. This can be included as third type of Cancellation of debilitation and this is given below:

(1.3) Cancellation of debilitation at the time of question.

(1.4) At first everyone will be surprised to see this type of division of cancellation of debilitation as described in (1.1), (1.2) & (1.3) but as you think on this subject deeply you will find it true.

(1.5) Now it will be nice to discuss these three categories of cancellation of debilitation one by one

Part (A)

(1) Cancellation Of Debilitation In Horoscope: When any debilitated planet gets its cancellation in horoscope then this is Cancellation of debilitation in horoscope. Under following conditions this type of cancellation occurs:

(1.1) If the lord of depressed sign or that of exaltation sign of that depressed planet is in kendra from Lagna or Moon.

(1.2) If the lord of sign occupied by debilitated planet and the lord of sign where this debilitated planet gets exalted are in mutual kendras.

(1.3) If the debilitated planet receives aspect from from the lord of the sign occupied by it.

(1.4) If the debilitated planet is in kendra from Moon or Lagna

(1.5) If the debilitated planet is in conjunction with an exalted planet

(1.6) If the debilitated planet is in conjunction with the lord of its debilitation sign

(1.7) If the debilitated planet occupies exalted Navansh

(1.8) When in any horoscope three or four planets occupy signs of debilitation but they occupy benefice shystmansh (1/60th)

Part (B)

(1) Cancelation Of Debilitation In Transit: When the debilitation of any planet in horoscope is canceled in transit then it becomes Cancellation of Debilitation in Transit. This is useful and it gives the reason why some planets give the results of cancellation of debilitation even though their debilitation did not get cancelled. This is of two types:

(1.1) Cancellation of Debilitation of a planet in Horoscope At Dasha Pravesh: Under following condition the debilitated planet of horoscope gets cancellation of its debilitation at the commencement of dasha:

(1.2) When debilitated planet in any horoscope occupies its exaltation sign at the commencement of its dasha the the concerned dasha will display the result of this cancellation of debilitation

(1.3) When Moon occupies the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet at the commencement of the dasha of this debilitated planet then there is the cancellation of debilitation of that debilitated planet in that period.

(2) Cancellation of Debilitation of a planet in Horoscope At Varsh Pravesh: This is another important category of Cancellation of debilitation. Any debilitated planet in horoscope will gets its cancellation in annual chart when the debilitated planet occupies:

(2.1) 8th Bhava in the annual horoscope and then this year concerned will display the cancellation of debiitation.

(2.2) When the debilitated planet of natal horoscope rules over auspicious bhava in annual horoscope and occupies exalted position in annual chart is in applying aspect with lord of annual Lagna in exaltation and Moon in exaltation also forms applying aspect to either of them then the concerned year will display the results of this cancellation of debilitation.

Part (C)

(1) Cancellation Of Debilitation of A Planet of Horoscope At The Time Of Question: This is the third type of cancellation of debilitation of any planet in Horoscope and it is my research:

(1.1) When a debilitated planet of horoscope occupies exaltation sign at the question and this planet either is the lord of Question lagna or the bhava governing the question and is in applying aspect with lord of Question Lagna and Moon also forms applying aspect within either of them by being in its exaltation then there is a cancellation debilitation

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Written by

Vishal Aksh


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