The Wonders Of Mars

Part (A) 

In Vedic texts Mars is known as Mangal and this Mangal signifies Kaartekey or Skendh the commander of the army of Devtas in Devaloka, Hanumaanji on earth and Mars in this solar system

Ketu represents Ganesha and it is also known as Agni and Mars has Agni tatwa and that is why Ketu is similar to Mars and I have already written a post on it. Mars represents Kaartekeya.

In Mesh Rashi i.e. one of the sign ruled by Mars the natural aatma karka Planet Sun gets exalted whereas in Vrischika the second sign ruled by Mars the natural karka Planet of Mana i.e. Moon gets debilitated indicating that Sadhnas can not be performed without leaving the self interest on spiritual plane. As per Brihit Parashara Hora Shaastra the exaltation sign of Ketu is Vrischika Rashi and this Ketu represents Ganesha

In Mesh Rashi there are 2.25 Nakshatra such as (1) Ashwani representing two celestial doctors, (2) Bharini representing Dharmaraj and (3) Kritika 1st quarter representing Agni or fire. These three Nakshatra in the Mesh Rashi ruled by Mars (1) Heals the physical body (2) purifies the Aatma and (3) Makes the Aatma fit for its journey to superior words. It is the transformation from materialistc world to spiritual world.

In Vrischika Rashi (1) first quarter of Vishakaha Nakshatra, (2) Anuradha Nakshatra representing Mitra the global friendship putting one in Sansaarik Bandhan and Jeystha Nakashatra representing Indra the king of Devtas motivates one to practice diplomacies but this entire sign gives inspritaion to do tapasya to make spiritual way for superior worlds. When a Sadhaka starts tapsaya his friend’s starts disturbing him from his way and the King of Devatas also starts to deviate him from making his spiritual path to superior worlds. So here it is the deep intention to make spiritual path.


As per Shiva Purana Sun represents Parmatama Shiva and Moon represents Bhagwati Parvati. In many Vedic texts Sun being ultimate source of energy and the creator of other planets is also known as Hriyanyagarbha and so in various other texts Parmatma Shiva is also known as Hriyanyagarbha.

The Vedic Sanskrit word हिरण्यगर्भः i.e. Heranyagarbha is well defined in Veda as:

हिरण्यगर्भः समवर्तताग्रे भूतस्य जातः पतिरेकासीत ।

स दाधार पृथ्वीं द्योमुतेमां कस्मै देवायहविषा विधेम ॥

In english script it can be written as:

Heranyagarbha Samvartagre Bhootasyajata Patekaseet !

Sa Dadhar Prithivi Dyomutemam Kasmyee Deveyehvisha Vedhem !!

The meaning of the above Vedic Mantra is itself the definition of Heranyagarbha and the meaning of above Vedic Mantra is as follows:

He was Heranyagarbha and he even existed much before creation, he was the lord of all the bhootas (Bhootas= five basic elements such as Fire, earth, air, water & eather). He showed his his existence by upholding earth and sky. Who is that deity to devote by our offerings?

In the Vedic Sanskrit word Hriyanyagarbha the word Hiryanya is also one of the tongue among the seven tongues of Agni (Fire). The first mantra of Rigveda considered to be the first mantra of the world is dedicated to Agni (Fire) and the exact equivalent word forAgni exists in english as Ignite and both of these words are almost similar in pronunciation and meaning.

Thus another meaning of Vedic word Hiryanyagarbha becomes source of Agni or source of energy as there is no difference between Agni and energy.

Part (B)

So as per Vedic texts Mars signifying Kaartekay is related to Sun (Parmatma Shiva), Moon (Bhagwati Parvati) and Ketu (Deva Ganesha)

Parmatma Shiva is the father of Kaartekey, Bhagwati Parrvati is the Mother of Kaartekey  and Deva Ganesha is the younger brother of Kaartkey.

For some reason Kaartekey left Parmatma Shiva and Bhagwati Parvati and went to South India to propagate the Bhakti of Parmatma Shiva and because of that Sun representing Parmatma Shiva gets exalted in the one of the sign ruled by Mars i.e. Mesh.

Bhagwati Parvati the mother of Kaartekey always worried about him and wanted his return and thus Moon signifying Bhagwati Parvati gets debilitated in Vrischika rashi the other sign ruled by Mars.

Kaartekey wrote a grantha on Samudragyana (Astro Palmistry) and his younger brother Deva Ganesha followed him by using Jyotisha and thus Ketu representing Deva Ganesha gets exalted Vrischika rashi.

In Durgasaptshati and other Vedic texts it is mentioned that Bhagwati Parvati becomes Durga to save her devotees from every calamities. But she can not become Durga with Moon as a planet of emotions signifying her and here she represents herself as the greatest enemy of devils represented by Rahu so Rahu signifies Durga.

Even in the form of Durga, Bhagwati Parvati worried about Kaartekey and thus Rahu also gets debilitated in Vrischika Rashi the other sign ruled by Mars.

Part (C)

Basically Mars is a warrior and it protects one in this materialistic world and in spiritual terms it fights against the six inner enemies such as Kaama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada & Maya and thus gives protection to those making spritual path for their journeys to superior worlds. When any warrior controls his inner enemeies he becomes Veer the Sanskrit term used for Vedic warrior and Mars represents Vedic Warrior in true sense.

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Vishal Aksh



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