Chara Karka As Described In Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra

(1) Last Friday, July 17, 2015 was a blissful day for me as by the graces of Pramatma Shiva and Bhagwati Parvati the mighty concept of Chara Karka described in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra became understandable to me. Though it took several years to relate the concept of Chara Karka to Annual Horoscope and Horary Horoscope.

(2) It was in 1991 when I read this concept in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra and since then I started using this concept in various horoscopes but did not get any success. After that I found that this concept of Chara Karka was further developed by Rishi Jamini and in Vedic Jyotish this branch of Jyotish is known as Jaimini Jyotish.

(3) The point of confusion about this system was that the concept of Chara Karka was not found applicable to Annual Horoscopes, Horary Horoscopes and its relationship with these two horoscopes.

(4) But in several cases this system was found giving accurate results with slight modifications.

(5) It is stated in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra that the Navansh of Aatmkarka Planet is the Karkansh or Karklagna. But in 1993 or 1995 an idea got into my mind that besides Navansh the concept of Karkansh should be applied in Chaturthans to judge Bhagya and property, Dashamnsh to judge profession, Shodashansh to judge assets & conforts, Vinshansh to judge spiritual attainments, Siddhansh to judge academic attainments, Bhansh to judge strength and weaknesses, Trishmansh to judge miseries and diseases and Khavedansh to judge good and bad. I found this concept working accurately in several cases.

(5.1) In Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra there is no mention about Chara Karka for Bhagya & property, profession, assets & comforts, spirituality, academy, strength & weaknesses, miseries and good & bad actions. But in same book there was mention about Shodash Vargs covering different aspect of life. It clearly indicated that the Karkansh Lagna or Amatyakarkansh Lagna should also be calculated by considering various divisional charts.

(5.2) Concept of Aaroodh Pada Lagna should also be applied to these Chara Karkansha.

(This post was first written by me on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at my Google+ page. Follow link: to view this post there)

Written on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 by
Vishal Aksh


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