How To Make Your Mercury Auspicious?

(1) In Vedic Jyotish Mercury signifies Education and its weak position and adverse disposition in main chart and Siddhansh Chart (D24) of a student  affects his education. So without proper education his career will also become unsatisfactory.

(2) If one gets well eduction but this Mercury is not found well disposed in his Dashmansh Chart then he will always have problems and instabilities in his career because Vedic Jyotish maximum number of professions to Mercury. So without proper career and its growth the incoming of wealth becomes slow.

(3) Mercury also represents speech and expressions so if it is weak or afflicted in Saptvinshansh Chart (D27) then it gives one speech defects d also makes one inexpressive and it is perhaps the biggest disqualification of this competitive world if anyone has this.

(4) The aforesaid three zones need a well develop Mercury to flourish and in Vedic Jyotish Mercury signifies Parmatma Vishnu the preserver of this mortal world.

(5) Remedies:

(5.1)If anyone has weak and afflicted Mercury but well disposed disposed  Saturn in his Vinshansh (D20) or Panchmansh (D5) Chart then he should recite Ratri Suktam given in Durgasaptshati to make his Mercury auspicious

(5.2) If anyone in his horoscope has weak and afflicted Mercury but powerful Sun in his Vinshansh Chart (D20) or Panchmansh Chart (D5) then he should recite Shridurgashtottarshatnaamstrotram to make his Mercury auspicious.

(5.3) If anyone with weak and afflicted Mercury in his horoscope also has weak Vinshansh and Panchmansh Chart then he should recite Vedokta Ratri Suktam.

(5.4) Devotion to Devi Durga is also simple remedy to make Mercury auspicious in long run.

(This post was first written by me at my group at Google+ on Wednesday, June 3, 2015. Follow link: to view this post there)

Written by
Vishal Aksh


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