May I have Your Attention?

(1) One thing I want to add here that no dasha is entirely good or bad. In good dasha one will have bad time and in auspicious dasha one will have to face bad time. But if an auspicious event occurs it should be continued or horoscope has a power to continue it. If I start analyzing any horoscope in minute details then it will become a book of about 500 pages or even more. But an astrologer should always be in a mode to devise new techniques with philosophical base. As I always use to say that in Vedic Jyotisha the understanding is more important than research. Everything is written in ancient book on Vedic Jyotish.

(2) There is no need to test any technique given in ancient text on Vedic Jyotish. The books on ancient Vedic Jyotish are the torches and one should use his intelligence as his eyes to see the Past, Present and Future. In my opinion one is insulting the knowledge by saying testing the techniques. The Sanskrit word Tantra has two meaning (1) The complete system and in that system Jyotish represents the eyes (2) The Technique and this English word is very near to Sanskrit word Tantra. In a number of horoscopes I have seen lord of Lagna in Lagna the person concerned suffering from prolong physical ailments and even more than that. Here again one should use his intelligence as his eyes to view in the light of ancient book on Vedic Jyotish and other Vedic literatures. We all are living in era Kaliyuga and the people have to suffer in this Kaliyuga on various accounts. This applies for every horoscope in this Kaliyuga.

(3) I saw very few astrologers on public sites analyzing any horoscope minutely but instead I saw astrologer predicting “American President may visit India” was it a prediction? But it could be a prediction if that astrologer had predicted it years before. I saw astrologers saying that he is learner and try to learn more here everyone should note if this was said by an astrologer equal to the status of Dr. B. V. Raman then it is inspiring otherwise that astrologer is not confident and making grounds for his safe side. I saw astrologers saying they are not astrologers but know several techniques of Jyotish and it is again their attempt to make them safeguarded. Varhamihira described such astrologers as Nakshatra Suchaka (quakes in modern terms) centuries ago and he also ascribed divine punishments to such Nakshatra Suchaka astrologers and person following them. In various Puranas such Nakshatra Suchaka Astrologers are referred to as Nakshatra Jeevee and they are all allotted Narka (hell)

(4) I also saw astrologers saying that Astrology never be used for earning purposes and it is again a big joke. In ancient books on Vedic Jyotish it is written that 1. Person with his 10th lord in the Navansh of Mercury makes his livelihood from the practice of Jyotisha and 2. Person with his 10th lord in the Navansh of Jupiter makes his livelihood from the knowledge of Trikaala (Past, Present and Future). So it is cleared that Jyotish is also a way to earn like other professions.

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Written by
Vishal Aksh


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