Amazing Planetary Yoga of Higher level Intelligence and Wisdom in Vedic Astrology

This is amazing but true!! There is an unbelievable combination described in the ancient text on Vedic astrology!! This combination works even if no other combination of Higher Level Intelligence & Wisdom is present in any Horoscope!!

In the year 1991 or 1992, I analyzed the horoscope of one of my friend of very amazing presence of mind but in his horoscope I have not seen the combinations of such amazing presence of mind and other traces of wisdom that he used to display in those years frequently. But what I saw in his horoscope that his Moon was in 6th house. But how does such position of Moon in any one’s horoscope make one so clever and intelligent? After that I have seen many horoscopes of the person of wonderful intelligence having Moon in 6th house in their horoscope.

Soon I got a Sloka in an ancient text on Vedic astrology. That sloka is given below:

षष्ठस्थो यदि वा चन्द्रो बुद्धिकौशल्यवान् भवेत् । (Shashthstho Yadi Chandro Buddhikoshalyaan Bhavet ।)
The meaning of the above sloka is if in any horoscope Moon is in 6th house makes one very intelligent and enable one to use his intelligence.

I have seen this amazing yoga working perfectly in the horoscopes of intellectuals, scientists, philosophers and thinkers.

In my years of experiences in the field of Vedic astrology I have found that this combination working perfectly in the following charts too:

(1) In the Chalit-Chakra of any person’s horoscope when Moon moves to 6th bhava from 7th house to 6th bhava or from 5th house to 6th bhava. This also makes one extremely intelligent.

(2) Moon in 6th house in Panchmansh (D5 chart not as in Varshphal) in any horoscope makes one very intelligent in dealing with philosophical matters.

(3) Moon in 6th house in Vinshansh (D20) chart in any horoscope makes one expert in displaying his spiritual abilities.

(4) Moon in 6th house in Siddhansh Chart (D24) in any horoscope gives one competitive abilities and competitive success.

(5) Moon in 6th house in Bhansh chart (D27) in any horoscope makes one extremely intelligent.

(6) Moon in 6th house in Khavedansh Chart (D40) in any horoscope makes one to use his intelligence and wisdom in doing the welfare of others.

So even an afflicted Moon in 6th house in any horoscope is good as one’s mental advancement is concerned but the learners and researchers of Vedic astrology should note that the position of Moon in 6th house also makes one depressed and worried besides making one extremely intelligent.

(This article was first written by me on the timeline of my facebook on Thursday February 20, 2014. Follow link: to view this post there)

Written by

Vishal Aksh


8 thoughts on “Amazing Planetary Yoga of Higher level Intelligence and Wisdom in Vedic Astrology

  1. Respected Sir, I have moon in 6th house with the 6th Lord creating vipreeta raja yoga. My DOB 28.02.1964, TIME. 08.20 AM, PLACE. Chennai. Kindly go through the horoscope and give me your valuable opinion. My mobile number is 9752418503.
    With warm regards


    1. (1) In your horoscope Moon is in 6th house and here it receives aspect from Sun, Mars, Mercury, Saturn & Ketu. So you Moon becomes extra ordinary strong and it gives you intelligence of higher level with wisdom. As your Nakshatra is Poorvaphalguni so In addition of this Moon has also given you within a period started from 13/12/1985 to 13/12/2005:

      (1.1)Good academy, Good career, financial progress, attainment of domestic assets and Vehicles.

      (1.2) it also gave you extreme ability of mind to go into the deep, research instincts and boldness.

      (1.3) But this period also gave you worried, confused and unstable mind in lean periods.

      (2) In your horoscope the vipreet rajyoga formed by 6th lord Sun in 12th and 12th lord Saturn in 12th became weaker by the presence of auspicious planet Mercury in 12th and Moon in 6th. But in your horoscope Jupiter forms powerful Hans yoga as being lord of rising sign it is in your lagna. The main period of Jupiter is going on in your horoscope since 07/06/2011 to 07/06/2027. It will make you more popular and enhance your financial position. It will also make your inclination towards spiritualism but actually your inclination towards spiritualism enhanced from 26/09/2005 onwards.

      (3) Mars does not prove good for your profession especially after 13/10/2014 and it will remain tough up to September 2015. Nowadays Mars is combust up to August 2015 and it has moved to its debilitation sign from today to September 2015.

      (4) From 02/11/2014 Saturn formed malefic Dhyya in transit and it will be up to 26/10/2017. This period will give you health problems on physical and mental grounds, financial fluctuations and some problems concerning your child / children.

      Written by
      Vishal Aksh


      1. Respected Sir, Very great analysis. Thanks very much. I will be greatful if you kindly suggest me specific remedies for the present period.
        With warm regards

        Liked by 1 person

      2. For remedial purposes you should perform remedies for (1) Mars up to 15/09/2015 and (2) Saturn up to 26/10/2017. You may also perform these remedies throughout your life. These remedies are given below:
        Remedies For Mars:
        Recite the Bhoom Gyatri for 28 times daily from any coming Tuesday. The gyatri mantra of Bhoom (Mangal) is given in a post written by me and follow link: to view that post and mantra. This Bhoom gyatri mantra is given under (5.2) of this post.

        For Saturn’s remedy recite Shanivajrapanjar Kavcha daily and also recite the following Shani Navarnmantra for 108 times daily:
        ओं ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं शनैश्चराय

        Written by
        Vishal Aksh


  2. Thanks for this good and important information sir…. my question is ‘ such natives are they able to use such level of intelligence or feel disappointed because of moon in 6th’..? Regards


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