Mahadasha Of Vakri Jupiter As Functional Malefic or benefic

 (1) The concept of functional benefice or malefic needs expansion. we can not apply this rule to entire horoscope for example Jupiter as per classical astrology is malefic for Makar and Kumbh lagna but if it is well disposed in D10 chart being yogakarka for D10 then the retrograde Jupiter can not stop giving professional successes but being malefic for Lagna kundli it wil give physical ailments to that person particularly in case of Kumbh lagna. 
(2) For Kark lagna Mars is supposed to be the best planet but if it is not well disposed in D10 chart then in retrograde position it will not give much success on materialistic ground

(3) So even to calculate functional benefice or malefic planets for a particular horoscope is not a joke.

(4) In general for Tula, Mithun and Kanya lagna the dasha of Jupiter does not find to give good results but there are exceptions too even in case of vakri Jupiter.

(5) Vakri Jupiter forming dainey yoga found to give top order rajya yoga (Political Success) also.

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Written by

Vishal Aksh


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