Amazing Planetary Yoga of Higher level Intelligence and Wisdom in Vedic Astrology

This is amazing but true!! There is an unbelievable combination described in the ancient text on Vedic astrology!! This combination works even if no other combination of Higher Level Intelligence & Wisdom is present in any Horoscope!!

In the year 1991 or 1992, I analyzed the horoscope of one of my friend of very amazing presence of mind but in his horoscope I have not seen the combinations of such amazing presence of mind and other traces of wisdom that he used to display in those years frequently. But what I saw in his horoscope that his Moon was in 6th house. But how does such position of Moon in any one’s horoscope make one so clever and intelligent? After that I have seen many horoscopes of the person of wonderful intelligence having Moon in 6th house in their horoscope.

Soon I got a Sloka in an ancient text on Vedic astrology. That sloka is given below:

षष्ठस्थो यदि वा चन्द्रो बुद्धिकौशल्यवान् भवेत् । (Shashthstho Yadi Chandro Buddhikoshalyaan Bhavet ।)
The meaning of the above sloka is if in any horoscope Moon is in 6th house makes one very intelligent and enable one to use his intelligence.

I have seen this amazing yoga working perfectly in the horoscopes of intellectuals, scientists, philosophers and thinkers.

In my years of experiences in the field of Vedic astrology I have found that this combination working perfectly in the following charts too:

(1) In the Chalit-Chakra of any person’s horoscope when Moon moves to 6th bhava from 7th house to 6th bhava or from 5th house to 6th bhava. This also makes one extremely intelligent.

(2) Moon in 6th house in Panchmansh (D5 chart not as in Varshphal) in any horoscope makes one very intelligent in dealing with philosophical matters.

(3) Moon in 6th house in Vinshansh (D20) chart in any horoscope makes one expert in displaying his spiritual abilities.

(4) Moon in 6th house in Siddhansh Chart (D24) in any horoscope gives one competitive abilities and competitive success.

(5) Moon in 6th house in Bhansh chart (D27) in any horoscope makes one extremely intelligent.

(6) Moon in 6th house in Khavedansh Chart (D40) in any horoscope makes one to use his intelligence and wisdom in doing the welfare of others.

So even an afflicted Moon in 6th house in any horoscope is good as one’s mental advancement is concerned but the learners and researchers of Vedic astrology should note that the position of Moon in 6th house also makes one depressed and worried besides making one extremely intelligent.

(This article was first written by me on the timeline of my facebook on Thursday February 20, 2014. Follow link: to view this post there)

Written by

Vishal Aksh


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