Role Of Ketu In The Life Of Swiss German Astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft

Role Of Ketu In The Life Of Swiss German Astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft

(1) As per Vedic Jyotish the shadow Planet Ketu represents Doctors, pains, bathing, tubroclousis, windy complaints, troubles from foes, hunger, army and a flag on materialistic grounds .

(2) In animal kingdom Ketu presides over Dog, Vulture and a Cock.

(3) On spiritual grounds Ketu represents upasana (worship) of Ganesha, bathing in holy river Ganga, Tapasya, Mantrasadhana, Brhamgyana, Aatmagyana, Monavrata, Gana of Shiva and Vedanta.

(4) Ketu is also known as Anala (Fire) and because of that it is similar to Mars and gives the effects of Mars.

(5) Ketu is found influential over spiritualists, purohitas, occultists and Dharma Gurus.

(6) As Ketu is supposed be a headless planet so it is always in search of its head thus people under the influence of Ketu wander and sometimes misused by others.

(7) Ketu in 3rd, 9th or 11th from Aatmakarkansh Lagna or Amaatyakarkansh Lagna makes one Astronomer, Astrologer or Mathematician but in Brihit Parashara Hora Shaastra only Karkansh is given but in that text also it is mentioned that what every has been said about Karkansh would be equally applied to Amaatyakarkansh at several places.

(8) Planets having higest degrees except Rahu and Ketu in a sign is Aatma Karka Planet and that holding next to it is Amaatya Karka and next to it is Bhatru Karka and planet holding least degree in any sign is termed as Dara Karka. As per Brihit Parashara Hora Shaastra there are seven karka in any horoscope but there are some they consider eight karka.

(8.1)Aatmakarka is the ruling Planet in the horoscope and it speaks about the physical, mental, spiritual and social status of a person. So its position should be considered in Navansh(D9) general purposes, Dashmansh(D10) for profession, Shodashansh (D16) for comforts, Vinshansh (D20) for spiritual and scientific progress, Panchmansh (D5) for philosophical and other abstract sciences, Siddhansh(D24) for academy and in other charts too to decide several Aatmkarkansh for different events of one’s life. In a single line Aatmakarka inspires one. Its status is like of a king.

(8.2) Like Aatmakarka Planet the Amaatyakarka should also be considered in various charts as in case of Aatmakarka. In Dashmansh Chart it is a consultant and advisor, In Vinshansh and Panchmansh Charts it acts like Guru, in Siddhansh Chart it acts like teacher. In a single line Amaatyakarka motivates. Its status is just like a minister.

(8.3) Bhratrukarka signifies about one’s brothers and it also signifies one’s sisters. Its position should be judged in Drashkan Chart to calculate Karkansh besides Navansh Chart.

(8.4) Darakarka in any horoscope indicates about one’s life partner and its position should be looked into Navansh to calculate Darakarkansh.

(8.5) Here to describe Karl Ernst Krafft’s horoscope these three karka as described under (8), (8.1), (8.2), (8.3) & (8.4) has been taken into consideration.

(8.6) Dear learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish a question may appear in your minds as from where the idea of taking various Karkansh from various divisional charts did come? And the answer is very simple as it is my research.

(8.7) In Krafft’s horoscope his Aatmkarka is Sun, Amaatyakarka is Jupiter, Bhratrukarka is Saturn and his Darakarka is Mars.

(8.8) The data about the Karl Ernst Krafft’s birth details and his life events has been taken from net searches.

(8.9) The following are the birth details of Karl Ernst Krafft and the positions of Planets at the time of his birth:


(9) Role Of Ketu In The Krafft’s Entrance Into The Field Of Astrology:

(9.1)Up to the end of 20th century the Astrology and Jyotisha was not a regular profession and at that time if a person came into this field then he had some unwanted events or some unsolved mysteries and those brought him into this field but even though there were exceptions too.

(9.2) In Krafft’s case Ketu played an important role in changing his mentality from an ordinary to extraordinary. Generally Vinshansh Chart (D20) or Panchmansh Chart (D5) is used to see the change of mental outlook from ordinary to philosophical / religious / spiritual / occult.

(9.3) The following are the Rashi Chart, Chalit – Chakra, Drashkan Chart And Vinshansh Chart of Krafft:




(9.4) As mentioned under (8.7) that Krafft’s Bhatrukarka Planet is Saturn. In his Vinshansh Chart (D20) his Bhratrukarka Planet Saturn occupies 12th house in debilitation and here it receives aspect from divine Planet Jupiter from 6th house and Ketu from 8th house. This 12th house rules dreams and sleep and here the Planet ruling this 12th house Mars is placed in his Vinshansh Lagna. In year 1917 Krafft had a dream and in his dream he saw the demise of his sister. In any horoscope Bhratrukarka represents one’s brother and sisters. At that time from about July 31, 1916 to June 2, 1919 Saturn was transiting Kark rashi and in his Vinshansh Chart this Saturn was transiting 3rd house aspecting 12th house and his Bhratrukarka Saturn in 12th house in debilitation. So out of Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu the Ketu was also a Planet responsible for his Dream.

(9.5) In Krafft’s Drashkan Chart his Bhratrukarka Planet Saturn is placed in Mesh rashi again in its debilitation sign and sixth from his Bhratrukarka Saturn is occupied by Moon and Ketu receiving aspect from 12th lord from Bhratrukarka Jupiter and Rahu. Here too the influence of Ketu is working. In his Drashkan Chart 3rd house is occupied by its own lord Venus and both of them come under the aspect of a debilitated natural malefic Planet Saturn. In his Rashi Chart 8th house from 3rd house is occupied by debilitated Ketu and in Chalit- Chakra this debilitated Ketu moves to 11th Bhava from 10th house and forms conjunction with 3rd lord Venus. The lord of his Drashkan Lagna Sun moves to 8th bhava from 7th house while considering 3rd as reference. Here Sun is hammed in between two natural malefic planets Mars and Ketu in his Chalit Chakra. These were higly adverse configurations of Planets concerning the health of his sister. Krafft’s sister died of tuberculosis in yare 1919. At that time Ketu was transiting over his natal position in Vrish rashi from about May 7, 1918 to about January 20, 1920 and it was transiting in 8th house from his 3rd house. Here Ketu played a malefic role in his life. But the dream that Krafft had in 1917 came into being. It was perhaps the tragedy in Krafft’s life that brought him to the field of Astrology.

(10) Role Of Ketu In The Education Of Karl Ernst Krafft

(10.1) To judge one’s academic prospects Siddhansh Chart (D24) should be judged and in addition to that Vidya Saham as per Vedic Tajik system also be taken into consideration. Learners and researchers should note this point.

(10.2) The Vidya Saham of Vedic Tajik System is known as Lot Of Spirit in Greek Astrology. In Vedic Jyotish it is used to know about one’s academic attainments and also about one’s Guru (the agency which bring one from tamsik darkness to satvik light it may be in visible form or an invisible form) but in Greek astrology this is used to know somewhat like career prospects of a person. For person born in day time the following formula is used to calculate Vidya Saham:


(10.3) The following is Krafft’s Siddhansh Chart:


(10.4)As already described under (8.7) that Krafft’s Aatmakraka is Sun and Amaatya Kraka is Jupiter and in his Siddhansh Chart Ketu is placed in 5th house from his Aatmakara Sun in conjunction with Mars the lord of his Vidya Sahama this influenced his education and the presence of Ketu 3rd from his Amaatyakarka Jupiter in conjunction with the lord of his Vidya Saham Mars gave him education relating to Astronomy, Mathematics and Statistic. At that time he was under the Ashtottri Dasha of Mercury (from June 5, 1908 to June 5, 1925. In his Siddhansh Chart (D24) Mars & Ketu are in eight house, Ashtottridasha lord Mercury in 12th house and Jupiter in 6th house are some adverse combination for his education in the form that he had no Bachelor’s Degree. But mutual aspect between Jupiter and Mercury inclined him to study more and more and Mars and Ketu in 8th house in Kanya rashi the sign ruled by the Ashtottridasha lord Mercury gave him a potential to conduct researches on Astrology. In 1920 Krafft read a number of books on Astrology, Occultism and Spiritualism. Learners and researchers should mark the position of Ketu in conjunction with Mars the lord of Vidya Saham in Krefft’s Siddhansh Chart and their placement in third from his Aamaatyakarka Jupiter, 5th from his Aatmakarka Sun and 8th from his Siddhansh Lagna prepared the fertile ground for his researches in the fields of Astrology, Occult and Spiritualism. Ketu gives the results of Mars and so his entire researches in these fields came under the blessings of Ketu. The transit of Ketu through Mesh rashi over his natal Vidya Saham in Mesh rashi from about January 19, 1920 to about July 17, 1921 was enough for Krafft to read a various literatures on astrology, occultism and spiritualism.

(11)Role Of Ketu In Making Karl Ernst Krafft An Astrologer:

(11.1)Now it becomes very essential to see the presence of combinations of astrologers as per Vedic Jyotish. This is very important point. Learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish should note that while judging the combination of Astrologers the first thing to be judged is the instinct to predict, intuition and Vak Siddhi and for that a thorough knowledge of the judgment of Bhansh Chart (D27) is necessary. Even though without the proper combination of Vak siddhi one can become a good astrologer but astrologer with the combination of Vak siddhi is a blessed astrologer.

(11.2)The following is Krafft’s Bhansh (D27) Chart:


(11.3) In Krafft’s Bhansh Chart (D27) The Lagna is Vrischika occupied by exalted Ketu and its lord Mars in 8th house. It gave Krafft instinct to conduct researches. Moon in 5th house in Meena rashi with its lord Jupiter and receiving aspect from exalted Ketu and exalted Mercury indicates that Krafft was full of intuition. Here too Ketu gave him intuition. In his Bhansh Chart the Aaroodhpada of fifth house falls in Meen rashi occupied by its own lord Jupiter and planet indicating mind i.e. Moon and 5th from this Aaroodhpada of 5th house is Kark rashi and it receives aspect from Jupiter and exalted Ketu it blessed him predictive abilities. The Aaroodhpada of 2nd house falls in Mithuna rashi and second from the Aaroodhpada of 2nd house falls in Kark rashi receiving aspect from Jupiter it gave Krafft Vak siddhi. So his Bhansh Chart blessed him predictive abilities, intuition and Vak siddhi and instinct to conduct researches.

(11.4)In Krafft’s Bhansh (D27) Chart 9th from his Aamaatyakarka is occupied by Ketu and it is the combination of Astrologer present in his Bhansh Chart as per Vedic Jyotish. See this is given under (7). This enabled Krafft to utilize the energy provided by his Bhansh Chart in the field of Astrology. Here too Ketu gave him instinct to walk on the roads of astrology.

(11.5) In the horoscopes of Astrologers, Occultists, Spiritualists, Healers, Scientists and Dharma Guru Vinshansh Chart playas a significant role. Studying Jyotish / astrology, writing on it is different from making correct predictions on the basis of astrology. In case of astrologers Vinshansh Chart blesses them for their predictions to come into being. From this Vinshansh Chart everything concerning Upsana (worship especially performed to get superior knowledge by doing tapasya, researches and japa etc) is judged.

(11.6)In Krafft’s Vinshansh Chart there is powerful exchange of 4th lord Sun and 5th lord Mercury and his 4th lord Sun receives aspect from exalted Vinshansh Lagna lord Venus. This gave him insight and some enlightenment too and it also made his several predictions correct.

(11.7)As per Vedic Jyotish if 5th lord is placed in 4th house the person will be either a Guru or a Mantri. The Sanskrit word Mantri indicates Minister and Advisor too. In Krafft’s Rashi Chart 5th lord Jupiter is in 4th house and his Vinshansh Chart 5th lord Mercury is in 4th house. This made him advisor with astrological base.

(11.8) In Krafft’s Vinshansh Chart Ketu is in 3rd from his Aamaatyakarka planet Jupiter. Here too played its role and he became one of the originators of Cosmobiology. He also gave a number of lectures in this context.

(11.9) Astrologers can be of two types (1) Professional and (2) Non professionals. So after judging the combinations of Astrologers in one’s horoscope it is Dashamansh Chart which decides whether one will become professional astrologer or not.

(11.10) The following is Krafft’s Dashmansh Chart:


(11.11)In Krafft’s Dashmansh Chart this Ketu is placed in 10th house and is hammed in between two natural benefic planets Mercury and Moon. This gave astrology an important role in his career. From June 5, 1908 to June 5, 1925 the Ashtottri dasha of Mercury was in progression in his horoscope and from May 30, 1920 to May 30, 1937 the Ashtottridasha of Mercury from his lagna longitude was in progression. As such he was under the influence of Mercury from June 5, 1908 to May 30, 1937. In his Dashmansh Chart this Mercury occupies 9th house in its own sign and also form shubhkartari yoga with Moon across Ketu. In 1925 Karl Ernst Krafft started his career and within 1926 to 1932 his career was of a company advisor and he applied astrology in his works there.

(11.12) In Krafft’s Chalit Chakra Ketu Moves to 11th Bhava from 10th house and the Ashtottridasha lord from his Lagna Longitude Saturn received Ketu’s aspects in Chalit Chakra and thus this Ashtottri dasha started giving the results indicated by Ketu. In Dashmansh Saturn gets cancellation of debilitation and aspects his Dashmansh Lagna. The Ashtottridasha of Saturn from his Lagna Longitude in his horoscope was from May 30, 1937 to May 30, 1947. Within this period he became an established astrologer and was able to predict. See in his Vinshansh Chart too this Saturn received Ketu’s aspect. But since in Vinshansh Chart the Saturn is debilitated and with aspect of Ketu from 8th house also criticized him concerning his abilities to predict on the basis of astrology.

(12) Role Of Ketu In Kraft’s Family Life:

(12.1) To judge anyone’s family life Navansh Chart should be consider to know about his life partner and Saptansh Chart (D7) to know about his child / children.

(12.2) The following is Krafft’s Navansh Chart:09

(12.3) In Krafft’s Navansh Chart his Navansh Lagna is occupied by Ketu. Ketu also gives the results indicated by Mars. In his horoscope Mars is his Darakarka it is described under (8.4) and (8.7). Both Rashi and Navansh his 7th Aaroodhpada falls in Tula and 7th from that is occupied by 7th lord from his 7th Aaroodhpada lord Mars both in his Rashi and Navansh. In his Navansh Chart the his Navansh Lagna lord Mercury and 7th lord Jupiter are in mutual aspect forming the combination of his marriage but in adverse houses 12 & 6. But Ketu because of Mars strongly influenced his Navansh Lagna. In his Rashi Chart the Vinshottri Dasha lord Moon from his Lagna Longitude received the aspect of Ketu. The Vinshottridasha of Moon from his Lagna was from March 26, 1929 to March 26, 1939. Karl Ernst Krafft met a lady in 1930 and married her in 1937 within this dasha of Moon. At the time of Krafft’s marriage Ketu was transiting Vrish Rashi over the Navansh Position of his Navansh Lagna Lord Mercury from about February 2, 1937 to August 10, 1938 and his Darakaarka and lord of 7th from his 7th Aroodhpada Mars was transiting its own sign Vrischika from February 22, 1937 to June 4, 1937.

(12.4) The following is Krafft’s Saptansh Chart:


(12.5) In Krafft’s Chalit Chakra natural malefic Planet Saturn occupies 5th Bhava and another natural malefic Planet Rahu moves to 5th Bhava from 6th house. In his Saptansh Chart the Aaroodhpada of 5th house falls in Meena rashi occupied by Ketu from this 5th Aarodhpada its lord Jupiter is in 6th house from it in conjunction with 8th lord Venus having sign exchange with 6th lord Sun and this 6th house receives aspect from natural malefic planet Saturn and thus a highly malefic yoga concerning Krafft’s children has indicated in his Saptansh Chart and the presence of Ketu in his 5th Aaroodhpada increased its malefic nature and his Ketu and 5th house Aaroodhpada is also hammed in between two natural malefic Planets Saturn and Mars and because of this malefic yoga Krafft had no children after his marriage.

(13) Role of Ketu as death inflicting Planet in Krafft’s Horoscope:

The following is Krafft’s Trishmansh Chart (Not Usual One):


(13.1) In Krafft’s Trishansh Chart Astottridasha lord Saturn occupies 6th house in debilitation and is in conjunction with natural malefic Ketu and it receives aspect from 8th lord Mercury and lord of Vrischika Trishmansh Lagna Mars occupies 8th house in conjunction with another natural malefic Sun and both of them receive aspect from natural malefic debilitated Saturn. It is the highly adverse combination in Krafft’s horoscope it indicates mental illness, insult, displeasure of officials and here too Ketu played its role and it enabled him to be used by others. In his horoscope Saturn’s Ashttotridasha from his lagna longitude was from May 31, 1937 to May 31, 1947 and within this period Krafft arrested twice. He suffered from acute illness.

(13.1) In Krafft’s Trishmansh Chart (Usual Trishmans) his Aatmakarka Planet Sun is in Tula rashi and in his Rashi Chart 8th from Tula Rashi is occupied by Ketu, In his Trishmansh Chart (Not Usual One) his Aatmakarka Planet Sun is in Mithun Rashi and in his Rashi Chart Ketu occupies 12th from it, In his Ashtamansh Chart his Aatmakarka Planet Sun occupies Vrischika Rashi and in his Rashi Chart Ketu occupied 7th from Vrischika Rashi. The Kaalchakra Dasha of Vrish Rashi started in his horoscope from December 30, 1940 to December 30, 1956. This Vrish Rashi has Ketu. In his Trishansh Chart given above Vrish Rashi occupies 7th house and it is hammed in between the conjunction of malefic Saturn and Ketu and the conjunction of malefic Sun and Mars. The Antardasha of Mithun in the dasha of Vrish in his horoscope was from December 22, 1943 to August 24, 1945. In his above Trishmansh Chart Antardasha rashi Mithuna occupies 8th house with Sun and Mars and receives aspect of debilitated Saturn. Krafft died in 1945. At the time of Krafft’s death Saturn was transiting Mithun rashi (From April 25, 1944 to June 8, 1946) over the Antardasha of Mithuna and Sun, Mars and Keru were transiting Dhanu Rashi aspecting the Antardasha Rashi Mithuna with 7th aspect.

(14)After analyzing the Vedic Horoscope of Karl Ernst Krafft minutely astrologically it becomes evident as if Krafft appeared from Ketu and merged into the Ketu after finishing his role on this Mrityu Loka (Earth)

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  2. Wonderfully analyzed a Horoscope of German Astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft with regard to Role of Ketu in his life, by a Great Astrologer. Ketu play an important role in the life of Astrologers and spiritual persons. Great job. God bless you.

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