The Post Deleted by Mallika Rawat Is Republished Again

(1) Mallika Rawat from her Google+ profile: sent a post about the analysis of her horoscope by me on Monday, August 17, 2015 to my Google+ community: Vedic Jyotish World Of Vishal Aksh (Link: and afterwards in the comments section of her post I discussed her life events on the basis of Horary Horoscope erected for her and got their confirmation from her

(2) Afterwards Mallika Rawat deleted her post and as per the policies of my group the post deleted by her is going to republish again. The following is that post with the conversation between me and Mallika Rawat in the comments section of her post:.

mallika rawat

Analysis Of Horoscopes With Remedies

 –  Yesterday 12:48 AM

Thank you Sir, thanks a lot….it means a lot right now. My DOB is 10-08-1983, time- 10.30am, place – new delhi. I have few questions tha are running in my mind again & again:- First of all I wanted to know what’s my soul’s purpose in this life? Also:-

1. Why I have got so much confused regarding my career despite of being working so well on a senior position in a very reputed company.

2. Why I don’t get selected in any interview now. There was a time when I had good offers in job.

3. My passion in cooking has developed phenomenally because I am at home from past 3 years, but my interest is in astrology as well. What to do with this kind of interest?

4. I want to get myself settled in Australia with my husband & kid….though I see no chances at present, I would still want to know if settling abroad will be favourable to us or not.

If I can get even half of the answers, I will be indebted towards your divine guidance on me.

Sai Ram,

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Vishal Aksh


Yesterday 12:56 AM

Your queries have been taken into consideration but the rule of my every group is that only one query to be taken into consideration but I will see in your case.

Very soon your horoscope will be analysed as per the policies of this group. It may take a week’s time.

and Welcome to this group too.

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mallika rawat

Yesterday 12:57 AM



Thank you so much Sir…..may the divine knowledge & supreme happiness returns to you in 100 folds !!!!!!!!!!

Vishal Aksh


1:26 PM

+mallika rawat Ji

Before the analysis of your horoscope please verify following events of your life at anytime within 29/07/2000 to 18/08/2015 as calculated on the basis of your horary horoscope:

(1) Some events regarding real estate / property including sale / purchase / construction / rent

(2) This period proved unhealthy for your father

(3) There were acquisition of a number of assets such as domestic assets like air conditioner, refrigerator and other home appliances including computer, Vehicle etc in your house before and after your marriage.

(4) Within this period some disturbances on your academic grounds are also observed.

(5) This period has made you very much bold and confident but on the other hand it tried to make your worried, confused and of weavering mind displaying a little depression of a little violent nature

(6) Though this period proved a financially good but it could not stopped major and huge expenses inside your family.

(7) Some sufferings on account of your illness are also observed.

(8) Please verify these astrologically calculated results about you by giving your feedback so that your natal horoscope may be judged precisely.

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mallika rawat

1:36 PM

Hi Sir, all the events are absolutely true. My father is no more, he expired in year 2011, exactly 9 months before my child was born.

Vishal Aksh


2:46 PM

+mallika rawat Ji

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Now your horoscope and horary horoscope can be predicted with confidence. Analysis of your horoscope and horary horoscope will be published very soon


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