“How To Predict Unasked Query?” – A Case Of Fulfilled Prediction Given By Vishal Aksh

(1)Years 1991 and 1992 proved significant in enriching my knowledge about Vedic Jyotish and I read various texts on Vedic Jyotish through self efforts and also made a serious approach to understand them without the guidance of anyone. I found in all texts on Vedic Jyotish similar rules have been given but whatever I found was amazing. Any ancient author of Vedic Jyotish if found going going out of the track in his writings used to give a valuable clue to understand Vedic Jyotish and I like to mention some of them below:

(1.1)In Maansaagari a famous text on Vedic Jyotish it is written when lord of Horary Lagna is in Kendra (Quadrants), Trikona (Trines) or 11th Bhava / house fulfills the objective of the person who puts query before a learned astrologer. It is a very simple rule but provides valuable information and it took several years to understand this rule properly.

(1.2) In Uttrakalamitra it is written in the chapter dealing with Varshphala or Annual Horoscope that the astrologer should apply Munivarga to Varshphala or Annual Horoscopes and the Hindi translator of that Sanskrit text Uttrakalamitra translated Munivarga as Saptavarga. The reason behind that translation could be as there are Seven celestial Rishis described in Vedic texts and there are several Rishi like Narada who are also called Muni so that translator took Muni as Rishi and translated Munivarga as Saptavarga but a Rishi is different from a Muni but it is equally true that a Vedic sage can be a Rishi as well as a Muni. So Munivarga cannot be taken as Saptavarga. After several years I was able to know what the original author of Uttrakalamitra wanted to say in using the word Munivarga.

(1.3) In Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra the Lagna (Rising sign) is also referred to as Murti (Idol) and after the researches of years and years in the field of Vedic jyotish I found it a code which makes Vedic Jyotish as an applied form of spirituality.

(1.4) In Prasna Marga it is written:

अपृच्छतः पृच्छतो वा जिज्ञासोर्थस्यकस्यचित् ।

होराकेन्द्रत्रिकोणेभ्यः शुभाशुभफलं  वदेत        

The aforesaid Sanskrit Shloka in English script can be written as:

Aprichhstah Prichhato Vaa Jigyaasoarthsyakasyachita ।

Horakendratrikonebhyah Shubhasubhaphalam Vadet  ॥

The meaning of aforesaid Sanskrit Shloka is that a question deserves an answer whether it is asked or not provided there is a strong desire to know it and the astrologer should predict it as good or bad result by taking into consideration the Hora (Here Lagna), Kendra and Trokona. So in this Shloka to the learned author of Prasna Marga seems to go out of track as in his previous Shloka he wrote that no predictions should be given to a person who has not asked a query so it is a valuable code and contains valuable information to enrich the knowledge of Vedic Jyotish.

It was a great work for me to make use of that Shloka.

(1.5) In same text on Vedic Jyotish the very next Shloka to the aforesaid Shloka was written as:


दर्शने दैवविद्ब्रूयादारुढेन शुभाशुभम  

The above Sanskrit Shloka can be written in English script as:

Vasisthvachnaadsmajjigsorpyaprichatah ।

Darshnaedeevvidbruyaadaroodaenshubhashubham ॥

The meaning of aforesaid Sanskrit Shloka is that according to Vasistha if there is a strong desire to know irrespective of that question is asked or not the astrologer should predict in the form of good or bad result on the basis of Aaroodh Lagna. In this Sanskrit Shloka the learned astrologer again seems giving importance to Unasked Query an out of track subject to Vedic Horary Jyotish by quoting the wordings of great Vedic Rishi Vasistha. Rishi Vasistha was the Kulaguru of Maryadapurshottama prabhu Shri Rama and also one of the eighteen great parvartaka (reformers) of Vedic Jyotish as described in Brihit Parashara Hora Shaastra. Here also exists a code of valuable information about Vedic Jyotish.

(1.6) I tried my best to find the situations where these rules can be applied in the cases of unasked queries. I started applying these rules while analyzing the horoscopes of my friends but there was no success at all. It was my opinion then that these rules should be applied when a spiritually elevated person visits to an astrologer but in years 1991 and 1992 I did not know how to judge spirituality from a horoscope or a Horary Horoscope. It was from the year 1999 when I got success in judging the spiritual aspect from a horoscope and gave a prediction to one of my best and friend that he had the divine grace of Parmatma and very soon he will see successes in his life and within a few months his life completely changed. The friend of mine who is referred to in this paragraph is a philosopher, a person of highly scientific bent of mind, a thinker and above all a true human being with only one drawback of having a dull presence of mind. Last year in 2014 I had a chance to visit his establishment in New Delhi where he was running his scientific laboratory by making the best use of his advance thinking. But it was not the application of the aforesaid rules but it proved my views that a person with advance spirituality should be predicted.

(2) It was year 2010 and it was a tough year for me. It was a highly unsatisfactory year on professional and financial grounds. But it was also a very blessed year on spiritual grounds including the completion of several researches conducted by me in the field of Vedic Jyotish. During year 2010 I recited the following Vedic Astakshri Mantra of Surya:

ओं घृणिः सूर्य आदित्यः (Om Ghrene Sury Aadityah)

(2.1)It was Wednesday, December 8, 2010 when I was talking to my wife and my daughter suddenly the ring tone of telephone attracted our attention at 14:58 (IST) and it was attended by my daughter. It was a local call from her classmate and we knew that classmate of our daughter very well. Our daughter’s classmate was a girl of her age. We came to know that her classmate’s younger sister was suddenly hospitalized due to some acute disease and the doctors were not showing any hope.

(2.2) It was the time when through the divine inspiration an idea got into my mind to erect a horary horoscope by taking the time of time of receiving the call of my daughter’s classmate by my daughter. It was cleared that that local call was not intending to contact me so it could not be taken as the time of query to erect horary horoscope as per the then understanding of mine. But still that divine inspiration was working and I decided to erect a horary horoscope within half hour of the completion of that local call.

(2.3) The following Horary Rashi Chart , Horary Drashkan Chart and Horary Chalit Chakra were used to predict about the future health prospects of the younger sister of my daughter’s classmate.

(2.4) I was not having the birth details or Horoscope of that hospitalized girl and when I saw the Horary Rashi Chart at first I became somewhat confused as I have not seen her sufferings in that Chart. The Lagna of this Horary Rashi Chart indicates her elder sister who made a local call to my daughter and 3rd house representing that hospitalized girl falling in Mithuna rashi, receives aspect from its lord Mercury, the Horary rising sign Mesh lord Mars and natural benefic Planet Moon and natural malefic Planet Saturn any how I did not find any major combination of adverse combinations resulting in that girl’s hospitalization. So there was a need of the horoscope of that hospitalized girl.

(2.5)But if anyone does not shows his willingness to get his horoscope analyzed by me I never or rarely ask for his birth details or horoscope. This is very important and every learner and researcher of Vedic Jyotish should note this also.

(2.6) Then I started using other techniques and soon an idea got into my mind that I would consider it as an unasked query and then as per Rishi Vasishtha the query should be predicted on the basis of Aroodh Lagna. But Aroodh Lagna for Horary Horoscope is calculated in a different way but in original Shloka the word Aroodha is mentioned not as Prashna Aroodh so I was in favor of applying the general theory of Aaroodh Lagna to this Horary Horoscope. Aroodhpada of 8th house from 3rd house falls in Vrish Rashi and 8th from Vrish Rashi is occupied by Moon, Mars, Mercury and Rahu and this 8th house from 8th Arrdhpada of 3rd house comes under the aspect of a natural malefic Planet Ketu. This indicates the severe illness of that hospitalized girl. The 8th Aroodhpada of 3rd house falls in Vrish and its lord Venus occupies 6th house from it but in its own sign under the paapkartari yoga of two natural malefic planets Saturn and Sun this also indicates some health problems. Involvement of node Rahu in 8th from the Aroodhpada of 8th house indicates the challenges to be faced by doctors in the treatment of that hospitalized girl.

(2.7) In this Horary Horoscope the Aroodhpada of third house falls in Mithuna rashi itself and it receives aspects from its own lord Mercury, Mars, Moon, Rahu and Saturn and this makes 3rd house and its Aaroodhpada very strong whereas Sun, Moon, Mars and Rahu make the 8th house from the 8th Aaroodhpada of 3rd house weak as described under (2.6). It is the situation where two opposite currents flow. Learners and researchers should note this carefully that under such circumstances they should try their best and apply other techniques of Vedic Jyotish.

(3) The Drashkan Chart (D3) of this Horary Horoscope indicates that hospitalized girl. Then I started judging Horary Drashkan Chart and here too at first sight I did not find any good combination. The Lagna of Drashkan is Simh and its lord Sun is in 12th house indicating the hospitalization and 12th lord Moon is in Lagna and thus there is a formation of Daineya yoga a highly adverse combination. In 12th house the Drashkan Lagna Lord Sun receives aspects from natural malefic Mars, natural malefic Sun and 8th lord Jupiter. So it was very tough to analyze that horary horoscope. It is written in Brihit Prashara Horashaastra that when Moon is in Lagna then Shyasthyahnee Dasha should be applied. So here in Horary Drashkan Chart Moon occupies the Drashkan Lagna so I decided to apply Shyasthyanee dasha both calculated from Horary Moon and from Horary Lagna to predict about that hospitalized girl. Sub period of Sun in the Main period of Shyasthyahnee Dasha of Jupiter from Horary Lagna was from July 23, 2009 to March 21, 2011 and she was hospitalized within this period and period up to March 21, 2011 indicated to be proved critical. But it was not just enough for me to predict this as I wanted to judge that Horary Horoscope even more deeply.

(3.1) Suddenly the presence of Lagnadhiyoga in Horary Drashkan Chart caught my attention. The Lagnadhiyoga given in Brihit Prashara Horashaastra is said to present when in any horoscope 7th and 8th houses are occupied by natural benefic Planets provided 4th house should be free from the presence of a natural malefic Planet. In this Horary Drashkan Chart 7th house is occupied by a natural benefic Planet Venus and 8th by another natural benefic Planet Jupiter and there is no presence of a natural malefic Planet in 4th house. The results of Lagnadhiyoga given in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra in the form of a Sanskrit Shloka are as follows:

The aforesaid Sanskrit Shloka can be written in English script as:

Lagnadhiyogae       Bahushaastrakarta       Vidysvneetasha       Baladhakari

Mukhyastu Nishkaaptiko Mahatama Lokae Yashovittagunadhikah Isyaat ॥43॥

The meaning of aforesaid Sanskrit Shloka as translated by Hindi and modern commentator of Brihit Parashara Hora Shaastra is that one with Lagnadhiyoga in his horoscope possesses the deep knowledge of many Shaastras, learned, polite and commander of army. He is recognized by public, of pure heart and a great man with fame, wealth and merits.

(3.2) Dear learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish if you are studying Vedic Jyotisha seriously then never trust on translated Vedic texts from Sanskrit to any other languages as in translation many times modern commentators make use of their opinion and several times they prove wrong or incomplete. There are various meaning of a single Sanskrit word in Vedic Jyotish and all meanings are applicable and there is no doubt in it.

(3.3) The Hindi and modern commentator of Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra translated the word  Baladhikari existing in that in that shloka as commander of army but this word too has several other meaning such as chief of police, a very powerful man, a person with great physical power and a person supposed to be gaining strength. So these various meaning should be applied keeping in view the different situations only then the knowledge of Vedic Jyotish can be understood in true sense.

(3.4) So befitting the age of that hospitalized girl the two results among the various results attributed to Lagnadhiyoga were selected to predict about that hospitalized girl as (1) Pure heartedness or innocence and (2) gaining of strength. The very essential condition for the manifestation of Lagnadhiyoga is that forth house should be free from the occupancy of any natural malefic Planet and it indicates that this Lagnadhiyoga becomes powerful in case of person with pure heart and who can be pure hearted in front of that innocent hospitalized girl? Then I understood the real meaning of Unasked Queries as described by the great author of Prasna Marga. The strong desire to know the future of a pure hearted person deserves prediction irrespective the query is asked or not.

(3.5) In Horary Horoscope Shyasthyahnee Dasha of Venus is from May 25, 2006 to May 25, 2012 and that of Jupiter from Horary Lagna from November 23, 2007 to November 23, 2017 both of these natural benefic Dasha Lords form Lagnadhiyoga in Horary Drashkan Chart and so at any time before May 25, 2012 that hospitalized girl was likely to get her health recovery. But still it was long period so that Horary Horoscope needed further judgment.

(3.6) The Horary Drashkan Lagna owned by Sun receives the aspect of natural benefic Venus and its Lord Sun also comes under the aspect of greatest natural benefic Planet Jupiter so ultimately Sun by having the curative power provided by Jupiter and Venus in Horary Drashkan Chart moves to 9th Bhava from 8th house and from there it aspects 3rd Bhava / house. The sub period of Sun in the Main period of Shyasthyahnee Dasha of Jupiter from Horary Lagna was from July 23, 2009 to March 21, 2011 and at any time before March 21, 2011 she was likely to recover from her adverse health conditions. Counting from the December 8, 2010 to March 21, 2011 it was 03 months 12 days.

(4) Since year 2004 I conducted researches on progressions and by the end of 2005 I developed Vedic Progressions from the concepts given in Vedic Purana, Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra and Sanket Nidhi. From year 2006 I started using Vedic Progression to predict. In this case too I want to use converse progressed horoscope to this horary horoscope to know the results within 08/12/2010 to 08/12/2011.

(4.1) The Horary Moon = Dhanur 24* 25’ 57” by conversely progressing it one degree for December 8, 2010 to December 8, 2011 the Conversely Progressed Moon = Dhanur 23* 25’ 57” and it occurred at 13:04:54 PM (IST) and a Horary Conversely Progressed Horoscope was erected at that time on December 8, 2010.

(4.2) The following are Horary Conversely Progressed Rashi Chart and Drashkan Chart erected on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 13:04:54 PM in Faridabad, Haryana, India those were effective within December 8, 2010 to December 8, 2011:

(4.3) In above Horary Converse Progressed Vedic Rashi Chart the Lagna has Vargottama Drashkana in Meen Rashi and Rashi as well as Drashkana Charts are occupied by their lord Jupiter and it is strong combination of the recovery from adverse health of that hospitalized girl.

(4.4) In Horary conversely progressed Drashkan Chart the Lagna is hammed in between two natural benefic Planets Mercury and Venus  and Lagna receives aspect from Mars residing in 10th house and it indicates the recovery of that hospitalized girl from adverse health conditions.

(4.5) Next day on Thursday, December 9, 2010 I conveyed my prediction about the family members of that hospitalized girl that very soon at any time before March 21, 2011 she will be treated well by doctors and she will also have improved health.

(4.6) Within about 15 days i.e. up to December 23, 2010 I got the news that whatever I have predicted about the recovery from adverse health of that hospitalized girl came into being and she was treated well by doctors and she was with her family members in her home when I got that news.

(4.7) Under (4.3) I used the word Vargottama Drashkan I know there will be several new person reading this article and they will find it confusing the words written in paragraph (4.3) such as Vargottam Drashkan. To know more about it read the article “More About Vargottamansh In Indian Astrology” written by me and for that follow link:http://horoanalysis.blogspot.in/2014/10/more-about-vargottamansh-in-indian.html to view that.


Written On Wednesday, September 30, 2015 by

Vishal Aksh


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