“Marching Towards Agrapragman or Forward Progression In Vedic Jyotish” – A Case Of Fulfilled Prediction Given By Vishal Aksh

(1)It was the period within year 1991 to year 2004 I was trying my best to search a dependable method to know the results of Annual Horoscopes in advance without having Advance Ephemerides of coming years with daily motions of Planets and the longitudes of Sun and Moon given in Degrees minutes and seconds.


(2) In Vinshottri Dasha the minimum period allotted is of 6 years for Sun and maximum period for Venus and that is of 20 years. So Mahadasha gives its results in longer periods and same was the case with antardasha or sub periods. So I always preferred the application of Annual horoscopes in addition to Mahadasha and antardasha. So if in any horoscope Sun’s period is going on for 6 years then in that case 6 annual horoscopes within Sun’s period are needed to get the true picture of Sun’s period and for the 20 years Mahadasha of Venus requires 20 Annual Horoscopes to be erected in advance to get the true picture of Venus Mahadasha in advance. Manually it was very tough job to erect the annual horoscope in advance for several years.


(3) At that time I used to predict by considering the transit of Jupiter for about one year and I have been using this transit of Jupiter since year 1996. The rules are given in the various texts on Vedic Jyotish to time an event within the transit of Jupiter. For the benefit of learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish I am writing some of them below:


(3.1) If in a one’s natal chart Sub period lord is found to promise some good event and that good event will happen in the sup period of that planet if within that period Jupiter transits the exaltation sign of that sub period lord. If sub period lord is not well placed then the adverse results of the sub period will manifest when in that sub period the transit of Jupiter will be in the debilitation sign of that sub period lord. This technique is given in Phaladeepika. To make it understand let us consider two horoscopes with the sub periods of Mars and Jupiter respectively and within these sub periods Jupiter transits Kark rashi. The Kark rashi is the exaltation sign of Jupiter and debilitation sign of Mars. So person having Jupiter sub period in his horoscope gets benefits during the transit of Jupiter through Kark rashi whereas the person with sub period of Mars in his horoscope suffers during the transit of Jupiter through Kark rashi.


(3.2) Transit of Jupiter over natal position of Planets in main chart and divisional chart gives good results regarding the Bhava / houses ruled by those natal planets coming under the influence of transiting Jupiter and here I found in year 1996 that Jupiter’s transit over the radical positions of dasha and anatardasha lords both in Rashi Chart and Divisional Charts gives good results.


(3.3) Add the Longitudes of rising lord and the lord of house under judgment and if the resultant is found more than 360 degrees then start subtracting 360 degrees from it till it comes within 360 degrees. Then from that resultant longitude so obtained find that rashi and divisional lagna. The Jupiter’s transit over that resultant rashi and the divisional position of that resultant gives the good results for that house the longitude of whose lord was added to the lord of rising sign.


(3.4) I also found the Jupiter’s transit through one of the sign ruled by the lords of Mahadasha or Antardasha giving results indicated by Dasha / antardasha.


(3.5) I used to predict on the basis of aforesaid three techniques as described under (3.1) to (3.4) successfully from year 1996 and still use these techniques in some form.


(3.5) From year 1996 to year 2000 I found several times in various horoscopes that an event if promised in one’s horoscope starts to emerge before the transit of Jupiter in aforesaid positions as described under (3.1), (3.2), (3.3) or (3.4 and takes actual form within the transit of Jupiter on the various signs as described under (3.1), (3.2), (3.3) or (3.4). In several horoscopes I found the stored event starts emerging within one of Jupiter’s transit as described under (3.1), (3.2), (3.3) or (3.4) but takes complete form after the transit of Jupiter in next sign. This puzzled me for a long time and it was from year 2000 when in several horoscopes I saw an event stored in any horoscope if appear in one’s annual horoscope gives situations to make that event materialized but if that event is supported by the transit of Jupiter as described under (3.1), (3.2), (3.3) or (3.4) then the full manifestation of that event will be in the transit of Jupiter even if it goes beyond annual horoscope. In several horoscopes I found its reverse was also possible. For this reason it became necessary for me to erect various annual horoscopes and that was very time consuming and practically impossible so an alternative easy and less time consuming method was the requirement to get the results of these various annual horoscopes.


(4)A technique known as Tripatiki Chakra is given in various books on Vedic Tajik system to know the result of any year from one’s birth horoscope. But I have not seen any Vedic Astrologer applying Tripataki Chakra technique effectively to predict. This is a simple technique with a limitation. The following is that Tripataki Technique:


(4.1) Take the natal horoscope of a person and on a paper write the no. of completed years of that person from his birth year. Add 1 to the no. of completed years of that concerned person. Then write the figure so arrived at after little calculation in three places on that paper. Then divide this figure by 9, 4 and 6 and then take the remainders.


(4.2) The remainder got after dividing that figure from 9 when counted from his natal Moon indicates the position of his Tripataki Moon in that year. For example if you get 1 as remainder then his Tripataki Moon is same as his natal Moon if 2 then it will be 2nd from his natal Moon  and so on.


(4.3)In the similar fashion as described under (4.2) the remainders got after dividing 4 indicates the Tripataki positions of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in that concerned year.


(4.4) The remainder got after dividing by 6 gives the position the position of Mars when counted from one’s natal Mars during the concerned year.


(4.5) The same rule as described for Tripataki Mars is applied to Rahu but this system of Tripataki Chakra assumes the motion of Rahu and Ketu to be always retrograde. In other words mean Rahu and mean Ketu should be considered in this Tripataki Chakra and not their true position. The position of Rahu in Tripataki Chakra is marked while counting in reverse order.


(4.6) In Tripataki Chakra the position of Ketu is always opposite to Rahu.


(4.7) The following is Tripataki Chakra



(5) Some Useful Guidelines About How To Erect & Study Tripataki Chakra:


(5.1) Dear Learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish please view the picture attached with this article having a title “Tripataki Chakra” carefully. In this figure you will find a star at the top. Put the number representing the Rising sign (For Mesh or Aries it is 1, For Vrish or Taurus it is 2, For Mithuna or Gemini it is 3, For Kark or Cancer it is 4, For Simh or Leo it is 5, For Kanya or Virgo it is 6, For Tula or Libra it is 7, For Vrischika or Scorpio it is 8, For Dhanur or Sagittarius it is 9, For Makar or Capricorn it is 10, For Kumbh or Aquarius it is 11 and For Meen or Pisces it is 12) at the commencement of solar written below the star and in place of “a” and from here put other houses in anticlockwise direction such that “b” will be marked with next sign representing 2nd house, “c” with 3rd house from annual rising sign and so on.


(5.2) After that place all the calculated Tripataki Planet in their respective sign for a particular year and now it becomes Tripataki Chakra or Tripataki Horoscope.


(5.3) In Tripataki Chakra the importance is given to Tripataki Planets forming Vedha (Obstruction) to Tripataki Moon but it should also consider with respect to Annual Rising sign as described under (5.1). The general results when Tripataki Moon is in Vedha with malefic planets gives adverse results whereas with ausoicious Planets it gives good results.


(5.4) The Tripataki house exchanges and occupation of own, exaltation or debilitation signs of Planets should also be considered.


(5.5) If Tripataki Planet / Planets at “a” will be in Vedha to those occupying “d”, “j” and “g”. Similarly Planets at “d” will be in Vedha with those occupying “a”, “j” and “g”, those occupying “j” will be in vedha with those occupying “a”, “d” and “g” and those occupying “g” will have vedha with those occupying “a”, “d” and “j”. Similarly you can find other Vedha also by tracing horizontal lines, vertical lines and inclined lines meeting the points where Tripataki Planets are placed in that Tripataki Chakra. A little practice you will learn how to use this Tripataki Chakra.


(5.6) The main drawback of this Tripataki System is that there is a repetition of one’s natal position of Planets after the completion of one’s 37th year.


(5.7) For the benefit of learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish I am writing the general results of the Planets forming vedha to Tripataki Moon and they are given below:

Sun: If Tripataki Moon is in Vedha by Sun it results in high fever, tensions and disappointments


Mars: If by Mars then it results in blood impurities, physical injuries or ailments, blood pressure and mental diseases.


Mercury: If by Mercury then it results in disputes in one’s family, impure thoughts, fear from foes and gain of wealth too.


Jupiter: If by Jupiter then peaceful atmosphere, performing of puja, gain of wealth, house and promotion in services or job.


Venus: Gain of wealth, favor from the government, attainment of desired objects, profits in business and trade, victory over foes. But it also gives some mental disturbances on account of excessive rise in sensual feelings and it gives full support from one’s life partner.


Saturn: If by Saturn it results in windy complaints, company of bad people, suffering on account of cough and complaints on various accounts.


Rahu: If by Rahu then it results in stomach complaints, bad thoughts, loss of reputation and many troubles.


Ketu: Physical complaints disturbed and worried mind, stomach problems and problems in every walks of life.


The aforesaid results are very general so a complete analysis of natal as well as Tripataki Chart is essential.


(6) It was Wednesday, March 12, 2003 when one of my friends Sunil visited my residence to meet me. At that time Sunil was running unemployed. He worked with his brother for about 13 years and all of sudden his brother removed him from his business few months before. Sunil wanted to know about his future job prospects as he was in need of a suitable job very much.


(7) Sunil put his query about the involvement of job on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 18:38 (IST). He did not know the correct time of his birth. At that time he was so much frustrated that he was not able to tell his past events with dates. Dear learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish you should note this point if a person comes to you with a tense and frustrated condition not having his correct birth time and under such conditions asking his past events to rectify his birth time will not be a good approach as in that case he will not be useful to you for that so you should apply other techniques to predict for him. Under such conditions always try to erect a horary horoscope.


(7.1) I never trusted on short cut methods of erecting of a horoscope or horary horoscope. I promised him to predict and I invited him again on Wednesday, March 19, 2003. I erected a horary horoscope for him.

(7.2)I erected a horary horoscope for him at the time as given in (7) with Rashi Chart, Chalit Chakra and Dashmansh Chart and Karma Saham (Dhanur 09* 01’ 59”). See the picture attached with this article showing Horary Rashi Chart and Horary Chalit Chakra


(7.3) On March 12, 2003 the Sunset occurred at 18:23 (IST) and he put his query after Sunset at 18:38 (IST) so formula used to calculate Horary Karma Saham = (Mercury – Mars)* + Rising sign* + 30* as Rising sign at that moment was not in between Mars and Mercury so an addition of 30* as per the rule of Saekta described in Tajik Texts of Vedic Jyotish.


(7.4) In Horary Horoscope the sub period of Saturn in main period of Rahu was from May 15, 2001 to March 21, 2004.


(7.5) I tried to understand this Horary Horoscope in terms of the events described by Sunil about himself. The Horary Karma Saham in Dhanur 09* 01’ 59” was occupied by 3rd lord and the Planet signifying one’s brother Mars that confirmed his past event that he had worked with his brother. The Horary Lagna was Kanya and in Horary Chalit Chakra the Lagna lord Mercury moved to 7th Bhava from 6th house and 6th lord Saturn Moved to 10th Bhava from 9th house and in Horary Chalit Chakra Horary Lagna lord Mercury, Horary 3rd lord Mars and Horary Karma Saham all of them came under the aspect of 6th lord Saturn and this made his brother to remove him from business within the sub period of Saturn from May 15, 2001 to March 21, 2004.


(7.6) Still in Horary Horoscope 11th lord Moon throws its aspect to horary karma saham and 3rd lord Mars. It indicated that he will have some gains on professional basis on account of his brother.


(7.7) The Horary Sun’s Mahadasha from Horary Lagna was up to April 11, 2007. In Horary Dashmansh Chart this Sun’s aspect was on horary Dashmansh Lagna and in Chalit Chakra Sun moved to 7th Bhava from 6th house and it was in conjunction with horary lagna and 10th lord Mercury and this Sun also came under the aspects of natural malefic Planet Mars and Saturn and natural benefic Planet Jupiter in Chalit Chakra and this indicated that at any time before April 11, 2007 he will get a job. But it was long period and still it required some shorter period for that. In Horary Dashmansh Chart the Aaroodhpada Lagna of 10th house falls in Mithun and from this Dashmansh 10th Aaroodhpada Lagna Rahu occupied 10th house and there it received aspect of 10th lord from Dashmansh 10th Aaroodhpada Lagna exalted Jupiter. In horary chart Rahu Mahadasha was up to April 9, 2014 and it was a very long period to predict about his getting of a suitable job. Sub period of Mercury in the main period of Rahu from March 21, 2004 to October 8, 2006 was also a longer period too. For pratyantra consideration the transit of various Planets up to October 8, 2006 were required but it was not possible through Ephemeris 2003 and for Ephemeris 2004, 2005 & 2006 meant a long wait for them to be available in market as Ephemeris 2004 will come in market about December 2003.


(8) I thought to use the technique of Tripataki Chakra in this Horary Chart for the coming years as it was easy to do without considering the Advance Ephemerides. See the picture of Horary Rashi Chart, Chalit Chakra and Tripataki Chakra (Effective within March 12, 2004 to March 12, 2005)



(8.1) In Horary Tripataki Chakra effective for March 12, 2004 to March 12, 2005 the Lagna is Vrischika same at the time of commencement of next Annual Horary Horoscope on March 12, 2004 at 00:54 AM (IST).


(8.2) In Horary Tripataki Chakra there is mutual vedha between Lord of Tripataki Lagna exalted Mars and that of 3rd Saturn and it indicated within March 12, 2004 to March 12, 2005 Sunil will gain his lost inner strength and confidence. Since Mars is exalted it will be a new beginning.


(8.3) In Horary Tripataki Chakra there is mutual exchange between 10th lord Sun and 5th lord Jupiter and this 10th lord Sun is in mutual Vedha with 9th lord Moon and it is powerful combination for his professional success. It made Sun’s Horary Mahadasha from Horary Lagna very powerful to give results.


(8.4) The top three points of Tripataki Chakra are the three flags and very important points. The horary Karma Saham with Dhanur rashi gets the 2nd top position in Tripataki Chakra and it is in Vedha to exalted Lagna Lord Mars, 9th lord Moon and its Lord Jupiter occupies 10th house in Simh Rashi is in mutual vedha with another auspicious Planet Venus and 10th house ruled by Sun also comes under the Vedha of auspicious Venus. Both of these benefic Planets Jupiter and Venus also put Tripataki Chakra Lagna into their Vedha. This indicated at any time within a period starting from March 12, 2004 to March 12, 2005 he will get professional success.


(8.5) Jupiter will start transiting Simh rashi over its Tripataki position from July 31, 2003 and I assumed it will be up to July 2004 as at that time Ephemeris 2004 was not available in the market.


(8.6) Sunil came on March 19, 2003 again. I discussed the Horary horoscope before him and predicted (1) Soon he will get something as professional benefit from his brother, (2) He will get professional success at any time within a period starting from March 21, 2004 to October 6, 2006 and a period starting from March 12, 2004 to March 12, 2005 and a period starting from July 31, 2003 to about July 2004 will prove relevant as his professional success is concerned and (3) he will regain his inner strength and confidence within March 12, 2004 to March 12, 2005. I also prescribed him remedies for Saturn as visiting of Pipple tree on Saturdays etc.


(8.7) During 2003 to 2004 Sunil started coming to meet me at my residence he also gave his feedbacks. In one of the coming month of 2003 if I am not mistaken it was within a week before from Diwali 2003  he told me that his brother gifted a shop to him for the services he provided for his brother in past 13 years and whatever I predicted about him in this context came into being and he also earned some money.


(8.8) Sunil came to me on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 and this time he was very frustrated and looked scared too. He told me that he was performing all the prescribed remedies and he also regained his inner strength and confidence but he was not able to get professional success. I remind him whatever I have predicted for him regarding his profession. Just then Sunil received a call on his mobile and immediately he asked my permission to leave. Sunil went away and came back to me within few days with news that he got a very good job and he also confirmed whatever I have predicted about his Job came into being. Actually he got the appointment for a job at the time when he was sitting before me on June 1, 2004 through the mobile call he received but he did not tell this to me at that time and he resumed his duties with effect from June 2, 2004.


(9) In Year 2005 I came to know that the similar imaginary transit of Planets from natal position in one’s horoscope as in Tripataki Chakra technique for any year is known as Agrapragman or forward progression in Western Astrology.


Written On Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 06:33 AM (IST) by

Vishal Aksh


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