“Future Prospects Within July 4, 2016 To August 3, 2016” – Astrological Predictions By Vishal Aksh

New Moon in Mithuna (Sidereal Gemini) occurs on July 4, 2016 in Vrischika (Sidereal Scorpio) Lagna


(1)Future Prospects Of India Within July 4, 2016 To August 3, 2016: The Planetary configuration indicates:

(1.1) Prediction: 01: People will be in a mood to fulfill their verbal commitments and the same will be displayed by respected parliamentarian / parliamentarians mostly from the ruling side.

(1.2) Prediction: 02: People relating to writings such as Authors, writers, Journalists and similar people suffer on various grounds and they will also be victimize of the ill will of others.

(1.3) Prediction: 03: People will also use their strengths without cause, without purpose and not intend to help needy and most part of the period they will indulge in making their disliked person belittle.

(1.4) Prediction: 04: People will do more expenditure and even if they want to save it results in more expenditure.

(1.4) Prediction: 05: People will pay back their debts and taxes and even lend money and the Government of India will also pay back several debts if it is having and Government of India will also lend money to other people and country.

(1.5) Prediction: 06: Females of India especially beautiful and charming also face rough weather and on several occasions they will have narrow escape from major calamities.

(1.6) Prediction: 07: Females celebrities of India or held coveted positions in past will also suffer on various grounds and diseases.


(2) Prediction: 08: There will be rough weather during this period.

(2.1) Prediction: 09: There will be heavy raining leading to floods and lightening and heavy loss on this account.

(2.2) Prediction: 10:Several leaders, celebrities, officials and person holding coveted positions or held coveted position in past will also suffer on account of rough weather, accidents and diseases etc.


(3) Prediction: 11: Government of India will face troubles on account of the heavy contradictions made by oppositions.

(3.1) Prediction: 12: Career and professions will also suffer.

(3.2) Prediction: 13: Indian students will do well but the teachers, lecturers, professors and related people will face insult, punishments and rough weather.

(3.3) Prediction: 14: Players, artists and people relating to show world also find this period giving mixed results there will be both success and failures. Several such people will also suffer from disease and injuries.

(3.4) Prediction: 15: The various judges or remained in past of respected courts of India will also suffer on various accounts including diseases.

(3.5) Prediction: 16: Researchers, Sadhakas, Yogis, Scientists, Astrologers, Doctors will get success according to their sphere. Spirituality will increase.


(4) Prediction: 17: A treasure or a hidden treasure will be located within this period.


(5) Prediction: 18: Within July 4, 2016 To August 3, 2016 the neighboring countries of India, friendly country of India and countries remained parts of India in past will suffer from rough weather, storms, heavy raining, calamities and tragedies. Their leaders, celebrities and officials will face rough weather on various accounts including victimizing of ill will of others and diseases or similar things. At least one such country will have a national mourning too. There will be damage to the buildings and houses due to rough weather, fire or similar happenings.


(6) Prediction: 19:Within July 4, 2016 To August 3, 2016 the entire world people will lack wisdom before common sense and most part of the period they will feel dull & idle especially people below 36 years of age.


Written on Monday, July 4, 2016 at 16:28 (IST) by

Vishal Aksh



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