How To Recommend Remedies? – An Article Written By Vishal Aksh

(1) In this article I will provide useful insights to the learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish about how to recommend remedies. Remedies are important aspect of Vedic Jyotish. But too many remedies make no sense it should be kept in mind before recommending necessary remedies to your clients.

(2)It looks easy to recommend remedies but it is equally tough to select remedies for your clients. There may be many remedies for a simple problems but a single remedy too should be decided on the basis of the proper judgment of the horoscope of your client.

(3) To make you understand a practical case of a female native predicted with remedies recommended by me successfully is discussed here.

(4) It was the first week of December 2014 and I was at my residence and it was morning time. Suddenly a lady came to my residence and she was looking worried. When asked she told that she was worried about the education of her daughter as she was going to appear for the examinations of 12th standard within few months in 2015 and her daughter was not able to concentrate on her studies during 2014 and she lost all the hopes concerning the successfully clearing of the examination of her daughter.

(5) I glanced at the horoscope of her daughter and asked her if her daughter was an average student since beginning and her reply supported my findings.

(6) The following is the picture of the horoscope of that female native:

Pic 07

(7) In the horoscope of that female native following Mahadasha / Antardasha were in progressions:

(7.1) From 26/02/2011 to 26/02/2030: Saturn’s Mahadasha

(7.2) From 28/02/2014 to 08/11/2016: Mercury’s Antardasha in Saturn’s Mahadasha

(7.3) From 27/08/2005 to 27/08/2022: Mercury’s Mahadsha from her Lagna Longitude.

(7.4) From 21/05/2014 to 21/05/2035: Kaal Chakra Dasha of Karka Rashi with Markati Gati.

(7.5) From 21/05/2014 to 07/07/2019: Antradasha of Kark Rashi in Mahadasha of Kark Rashi in Kaalchakra.

(7.6) From 10/09/2009 to 26/10/2017: The phase of Saade-Saati.


(8) Before analyzing any horoscope in terms of education it will be important to judge the inclination of the mind of that native towards study and the presence of mind as study at large also depends on this. Bhansh Chart or D27 Chart is used for that purpose. So when I saw the Bhansh Chart of that native malefic daineya yoga was due to the exchange between 5th lord Saturn and 12th lord Mercury was observed but the presence of Mercury in her 5th house was good. This led me to conclude that because of this dainey yoga in her Bhansh Chart concerning 5th house and 12th house she was not able to concentrate her mind in required direction. Let me explain this point clearly in such cases if one likes to read books in free mood but if he is asked to read book he does not do that. Same was the case with her because of lack of concentration she was not able to pay her concentration on studies. In her Bhansh Chart Saturn’s malefic action slowed down the pace of Mercury despite its well disposition in her Bhansh Chart. The main period of Mercury from her Lagna Longitude started from 28/02/2005 and it will be up to 28/02/2022. So from her age of 8 years she was not able to concentrate on her studies and that is why she was as a whole an average student in her school.

(9) In her Siddhansh Chart or D24 Chart this afflicted Saturn of her Bhansh Chart was found in conjunction with 6th lord Sun. This clearly indicated her deviating concentrations not supporting studies.

(10) To make Mercury active it is better to recite Ratri Suktam but in her case if Ratri Suktam was recommended to her as remedy then she was also advised to recite the Beeja Mantra of Saturn but then it would be two remedies for a single cause. Every astrologer should avoid recommending too many remedies for a single cause.

(11) In her Chalit Chakra malefic Saturn moved to 10th bhava from 9th house and there it formed conjunction with Mercury. This finally slowed down the progress of her studies. In her Chalit Chakra the lord of her Kark Lagna Moon moved to 5th bhava from 4th house but 5th lord Mars moved to 3rd Bhava from 2nd house here the presence of lord of her Lagna Moon in 5th Bhava is good for her studies but not the moving of 5th lord Mars from 2nd hose to 3rdIn her Siddhansh Chart 5th house falls in Kark rashi and 5th lord Moon aspects it. This gives her hope about her studies.

(12) From 10/09/2009 to 26/10/2017 Saturn’s Saade-Saati has been started in her horoscope as her Chandra Lagna is Tula. As described under (11) her Moon influences her education so within Saade-Saati her studies also did not find any space to grow. From 21/05/2014 to 07/07/2019 Kaal Chakra Antar Dasha of Kark in Kark has been started. It was Dasha / Antardasha of her Deha Rashi with Markati Gati and its lord Moon deposited in 5th Bhava as described under (11). Because of Saade-Saati and the Dasha / Antardasha of her Deha Rashi Kark her studies started going down.

(13) Now if she does Saturn’s remedy then she will be able to make her studies better. In her Panchmansh Chart the Lagna is Simh but its Lord Sun is debilitated in 3rd Because of this unhealthy position of Sun in her Panchmansh Chart Gayatri mantra could not be recommended to her.

(14) In her Panchmansh Chart Saturn was in 7th house in its own sign Kumbh. This was the great combination in her Panchmansh Chart. But if the mantra of Saturn was recommended to her then it could make her emotional as in her Khevadansh Chart or D40 Chart Saturn occupied 4th house in mutual aspect with Moon. Here Daan for Saturn was recommended to balance of side effect coming out of worshiping the deity ruling Saturn. Learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish should note that if any horoscope any planet is well disposed in Vinshansh / Panchmansh Chart the Japa of that Planet or its ruling Vedic deity will work if that Planet is adversely disposed in other charts.

(15) For the remedies of Saturn HanumaanJi, Bherav, Rudra or Shiva should be devoted.

(16) The following Doha of Hanumaan Chalisha was recommended as a single remedial measure for the daughter of that lady for 108 times daily from coming Saturday:


बुद्धिहीन तनु जानिके, सुमिरौं पवनकुमार
बल बुधि बिद्या देहु मोहिं, हरहु कलेस बिकार


A post has been already written on this Doha from Hanumaan Chalisa follow this link to read that post:

(17) Finally I gave my predictions about that female native to her mother that she will perform the prescribed remedies and will get very good marks in her 12th standard examinations.

(18) On May 28, 2015 that female native whose horoscope has been analyzed here came to my residence with great news of her securing of 75% marks in her 12th standard examination and her growing inclination towards her studies because of performing the prescribed remedies.


Written by:

Vishal Aksh


(This article: “How To Recommend Remedies?” was first written by me on my facebook page and follow link: to view this article there)

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  1. Thank you so much for the article,it is a great help to clear the doubt about remedial side of horoscope .your deep knowledge is remarkable.thanks.


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