“Prospects Within August 3, 2016 To September 1, 2016” – astrological predictions by Vishal Aksh

The New Moon occurred in Kark Rashi (Sidereal Cancer) at 02:15 (IST) in Mithuna Lagna (Sidereal Gemini Ascended) in New Delhi


 Predictions For Entire World Within August 3, 2016 To September 1, 2016


Prediction 01: People will display their skills and talents and people related to games, entertainment, arts, music and writings will find this period good and result giving.

Prediction 02: People will be in a mood to enjoy foods and their visits to such places where they can get food with entertainments.

Prediction 03: People will be able to express their feelings into spoken wordings but several times an external unknown force appears to compel them to speak unwanted wordings. Astrologers, foretellers and orators find this period somewhat favorable.

Remedy For Prediction: 03: Concerned person should avoid wearing black color cloth at the time of making speeches and they should wear yellow cloth to increase their speeches etc within this period.


Future Prospects Of India Within August 3, 2016 To September 1, 2016

Prediction 04: Celebrities, leaders and even parliamentarians will try their best to uplift the inner strength of Indian people and they will be successful too within this period. Their efforts will definitely be a requirement.

Prediction: 05: Unmarried people will find suitable person as their life partners and weddings of several such people will occur within this period.

Prediction: 06: Several people including celebrities, leaders and parliamentarians or people held such coveted position in past will be hospitalized due to sickness, disease or injuries within this period.

Prediction: 07: There will be full chances of the occurrences of problems while taking debts or loans so care must be taken.

Prediction: 08: Financial position will be much improved within this period.

Prediction: 09: At least a parliamentarian mostly from the ruling side or similar person remain in past or higher officer will be insulted and it will not be surprised if false charges will be made against him or them within this period.

Prediction: 10: At least a celebrity relating to any religious organization or related in past will be insulted and punished within this period. Similar thing against concerned officer or officers dealing with religious organization is also feared.

Prediction: 11: Sadhakas, Yogis, Scientists, Astrologers, occultists, researchers, doctors & healers will get success according to their karmic ways within this period.

Prediction: 12: Students will do very well within this period and several teachers, professors and relating officials or similar such people also do something to dignify education up to some extent.

Prediction: 13: Artists & their directors and players and their coaches will do well in several occasions within this period.

Prediction: 14: Prevailing unkind weather will leave its unkindness at any time within this period.


Written on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 17:24 (IST) by

Vishal Aksh


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