“Prospects Within September 1, 2016 To October 1, 2016” – astrological predictions by Vishal Aksh

(1)The New Moon in Simh Rashi (Sidereal Leo) occurs at 14:34 (IST) with Dhanur Rashi (Sidereal Sagittarius) rising in New Delhi the capital of India.


(2) Future Prospects Of Entire World Within September 1, 2016 To October 1, 2016

(2.1)Prediction 01:In entire world people will have relief giving time with their life partners and lovers.

(2.2)Prediction 02: Unmarried people will find this time suitable for the selection of their future lif partners or their lovers but care should be taken by them as while doing so there will chances of being victimized.

Remedy For (2.2): Females should wear Yellow uniform and avoid wearing black uniforms while meeting with the males for such purposes and Saturday should be avoided for such purposes.

(2.3) Prediction: 03: People including leaders and orators should prepare themselves very well whenever they are going to address publically and they should remain careful while doing so during this period.


(3)  Future Prospects Of India Within September 1, 2016 To October 1, 2016

(3.1) Prediction 04: There will be some problems in taking loans or debts

(3.2) Prediction 05: The debts and taxes will be payback during this period.

(3.3) Prediction 06: Overall financial position will increase at any time within this period.

(3.4) Prediction 07: Carrier and profession will somewhat show the signs of progress

(3.5) Prediction 08: This will be a good time for several unemployed people to get job.

Remedy For (3.5): Unemployed people should recite the following mantra for 108 times daily with full devotion during this period:

ॐ गणांबिकायै विद्महे कर्मसिद्धयै च धीमहि। तन्नो गोरी प्रचोदयात॥


(3.6)Prediction 09: Several people feel dullness but they will be able to make their working efficiency and inner strength increasing during this period.

(3.7) Prediction: 10: Ruling Government at centre will have a dominating effect over opposition during this period.

(3.8) Prediction 11: Writers, media person and, relating to Journalism and people relating to music & arts will find this period suitable to display their skills.

(3.9) Prediction 12: Astrologers and fortune tellers will do correct predictions but several times biased predictions from them are feared and this is not a good thing at all. They should avoid wearing red uniform while making predictions and same thing apply to orators while addressing to public to avoid nonsense talking in their speeches.

(3.10) Prediction 13: Several students and people relating to education get respect and some of them will be honored during this period.

(3.11) Prediction 14: The teachers, lecturers, professors or similar person will be criticized on account of humiliating others or they will be humiliated.

(3.12) Prediction 15: Several authorities and officials relating to field of education or remain in past will face rough weathers on various accounts.

(3.13) Prediction 16: There will be damages of vehicles, assets and buildings due to fire and accidents.

(3.14) Prediction 17: Several celebrities, artists and players and people relating to show world or remain in past will be hospitalized due to various diseases, injuries and even on account of being victimize by the ill will of others.

(3.15) Prediction 18: Players, artists and musicians will have success in their professions.

(3.16) Prediction 19: Several authorities, officials, leaders or those remain in past at state level will be appreciated and they will get benefits in some form.

(3.17) Prediction 20: There will be good display of the functioning of several state governments.

(3.18) Prediction 21: Several writers, media person, journalists or similar to that, artists, musicians and players or remain in past will be honored at state level.

(3.19) Prediction 22: Even though there will be unkind weather and various tragedies making people sufferer in various states of India.


(3.20) Prediction 23: Females will get respect, rights, professional successes and gains during this period including female celebrities, leaders, officials, holding coveted positions or held in past.

(3.21) Prediction 24: But such female celebrities as described under (3.20) should remain careful as there will be fear for them to be victimized by the ill will of others during this period.


(3.22) Prediction 25: Several people including celebrities, leaders, officials even remained in past and those holding coveted position or held in past will suffer on account of disease, accidents, injuries, rough weather but some of them get narrow escape too.

(3.23) Prediction 26: Weather will become unkind all of sudden at anytime within this period.

Remedies For (3.22) & (3.23): The following mantra should be recited for 28 times daily during this period with full devotion:

ॐ शं नो ग्राश्चान्द्र्मसाः, शमादित्यश्च राहुणा।

शं नो मृत्युर्धूमकेतुः, शं रुद्रास्तिग्मतेजसः॥

शं रुद्राः, शं वसवः, शंमादित्याः शंमग्नयः।

शं नो महर्षयो देवाः, शं देवाः शं बृहस्पति॥


(3.24) Prediction 27: Sadhakas, Yogis, Scientists, Doctors, Astrologers, Occultists and Spiritualists will not only get benefits befitting to their workings & thinking sphere but also find their professions progressing during this period.

(3.25) Prediction 28: But at least one such out of them as described under (3.24) will suffer from disease, injury and rough weather.


(4) Prediction 29: The neighboring countries of India, the countries once remained parts of India in past and the friendly countries of India suffer on account of calamities & rough weather and they will also be victimize of the ill will of others. Their officials even remained in past also suffer during this period. There will be no surprise if at least one of such country will have national mourning at any time within this period.


Written on Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 09:03 (IST) by

Vishal Aksh


3 thoughts on ““Prospects Within September 1, 2016 To October 1, 2016” – astrological predictions by Vishal Aksh

  1. In aforesaid Article the mundane events predicted by me are within “Prospects Within September 1, 2016 To October 1, 2016” not as written before as “Prospects Within September 1, 2016 To October 30, 2016”. This was typed by mistake and now today on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 that is corrected by doing necessary edits.

    Vishal Aksh


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