​Truth Behind Planets Occupying Within 00° to 01° & 29° to 30° Of Any Sign – an article written by Vishal Aksh

Dear learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish!!
(1) It was year 1990 when I came to know about the planet occupying 00° to 01° or 29° to 30° of any sign becomes powerless.
(2) I understood Vedic Jyotish through self efforts and without taking anyone’s help. Researches conducted by me in the field of Vedic Jyotish always provided me divine blessings of Parmatma Shiva and Bhagwati Parvati to get the inner depth of Vedic Jyotish.
(3) I searched those conditions of any planet to become powerless in several texts on Vedic Jyotish but did not find any convincing shloka in those ancient text on Vedic Jyotish. Instead I found a combination in which it was stated that planet occupying concluding Ansh of any sign except dual signs becomes powerless.
(3.1) In Vedic Jyotish ‘Ansh’ is used to represent a Degree and a Division mostly a Navansh of 03°20′ so it was for a planet having last Navansh having 26°40′ to 30°00′ of any sign. Planet occupying this last Navansh by occupying Chara or Sthir signs considered to be weak but if with this it occupy Dweeswabhava sign it becomes powerful by becoming Vargottama. What I mean to say I did not find in any authentic source that planet with 1st degree or 30th becomes weak.
(4) Researches conducted by me over these degrees led me to conclude that this is incomplete statement given by someone and it can be corrected by using the auspicious and inauspicious nature of Devata of Shysthansh Chakra (D60).
(5) Dear learners and researchers if you see the Syasthsnsh Chakra you find that one Shyasthansh is of 00°30′ that means every Shyasthansh is of 0.5° or half degree. In other words there are two Shyasthansh in a Degree.
(6) Now once again see the arrangement of Shyasthansh in its table (here it is not given so see it any text on Vedic Jyotish) you find in odd signs first two Shyasthansh are ruled by inauspicious Devta Ghora and Raksha respectively and same holds true in last two Shysthansh in even signs as 59th Shyasthansh and 60th Shyasthansh are ruled by inauspicious Devta Raksha and Ghora respectively. As already explained in a degree there are two Shyasthans so first degree in Odd sign and last degree in Even Signs becomes inauspicious when Planets occupy them.
(7) In Even Signs first Shyasthansh is ruled by auspicious Devta Indurekaha and second Shyasthansh is ruled by inauspicious Devta Brahamana so in Even Signs the planet occupying 00° to 00°30′ gives auspicious results and those occupying 00°30′ to 01°00′ gives inauspicious results. In Odd signs Planets occupying 59th Shyasthansh are ruled by inauspicious Shyasthansh Brhmana and 60th Shyasthansh is ruled by auspicious Devta Indurekaha so Planets occupying 29°00′ to 29°30′ in Odd signs gives inauspicious results whereas Planets withn last Shyasthansh starting from 29°30′ to 30°00′ give auspicious results. 
(8) In fact the entire horoscope should be analysed even planets can give give auspicious results when they are in inauspicious Shyasthansh or vice – versa. Every rule has its exceptions in Vedic Jyotish.
(9) To know the occupancy of a Planet in a Bhava the Chalit Chakra is to be considered and astrologer should know how to apply Jagrataadi Avastha and Baalyaadi Avastha in Chalit Chakra but in Texts on Vedic Jyotish it said to be applied to Rashi and without its application to Chalit Chakra the results cannot be predicted in full measures. The planets irrespective of degrees gets directional strength in Chalit Chakra.
Written on Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 23:03 (IST) by
Vishal Aksh
(1) The aforesaid article written by me was first published in my Facebook public group. Follow link:https://m.facebook.com/groups/258744764307717?view=permalink&id=621214921394031 to view it there

Vishal Aksh


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