One Major Event Coming Under The Range Of Mundane Astrological Prediction Given By Vishal Aksh

Dear learners & researchers of Vedic Jyotish and all the expert astrologers!


(1) As you know I always propagate Vedic Jyotish and motivate learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish to concentrate on it to understand its rules and implementation of its rules with a very serious approach.

(2) I never use the newly discovered Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and other comets unknown to Vedic Jyotish. I use Gulika, Maandi, Yamaghantaka and other Sub Planets in predictions.

(3) Here is an international event which comes within the range of Mundane Astrological Prediction given by me and that event is given below under forthcoming paragraph (4):

(4)Major Event: “Brazilian state authorities say at least 60 inmates have died during a prison riot in the northern state of Amazonas. State public security secretary Sergio Fontes says it’s the biggest prison massacre in the state’s history. And an unconfirmed number of inmates also escaped during the riot that extended from Sunday afternoon to Monday morning.” – So says The Indian EXPRESS  of January 2, 2017. Follow link: to view this news in details.


(5) Covering Prediction: “(24) The Governments of neighboring countries of India, Governments of countries once remained parts of India and Governments of friend countries of India will face challenging developments and tough period within December 29, 2016 to January 28, 2017. The hospitals or Jails of such countries need proper securities within this period.”  – See whatever has been predicted under (24) of the article: *“Prospects Within Dec. 29, 2016 To Jan. 29, 2017”* – astrological predictions by Vishal Aksh written by me which has been published on my on Friday, December 30, 2016. Follow link: to view it there.



Written on Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 00:27 AM by

Vishal Aksh


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