Analysis Of The Horoscope Of Leo Correa By Vishal Aksh (The Post Of Leo Correa From His Google+ Found Deleted And Thus Republished)

The following Post From Leo Correa to my Google+ Group: Vedic Jyotish World Of Vishal Aksh was found deleted today on March 8, 2016. The Analysis of the horoscope of Leo Correa was done by me in the comments sections of that post. As per the rules I have formed for the every community (Follow link: to view this in details) on net administrated by me the post deleted without my knowledge is to be republished to my every site.

The following is that  post found deleted and which is being republished:

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Analysis Of Horoscopes With Remedies  –  May 23, 2016

Vishal Aksh Hello sir, I have followed your work and moderators, and I am an admirer. After a long search I’m here to ask about my letter, I have many difficulties in relation to material life, lean more to spiritual matters, I have studied Jyotisha some time, I would like if you can help me, I see many afflictions in chart and do not know how to remedy, so that things can follow better, would like to study astrology, I would have to see if this is possible in the letter? Or just an illusion my? july starts dasha sub rahu this period can be bad? there is some devata that could help me according to my letter?patiently wait your answer, and I thank you !!!

April 16, 1976
Time: 23: 30 certificate
Jaguaruna – SC Brazil time zone west of GMT -3

(By this time would be a Capricorn ascendant, however I feel more with the character of Sagittarius, you may need some correction, but do not know how to proceed.

Vishal Aksh's profile photoLeo Correa's profile photo

Vishal Aksh

May 23, 2016

Dear Leo Correa! Your query was seen by me today on Monday, May 23, 2016 at 05:30 AM (IST) and it has been taken into consideration.

Leo Correa

May 23, 2016

sri Vishal Aksh grateful!!

Leo Correa

May 23, 2016


Maybe this will help about the correct time, because I have doubts

on April 16, 1991 something bad happened for my thoughtless attitudes, have made me want to get out of town that day, and damaged my reputation at the time,sudden abrupt change.

I have no children, I prefer isolation than join groups of friends

March 21, 2015, my sister suffers a serious surgery for acute appendicitis, cut abdomen, was saved and this right now.

I think this helps about the correct schedule, it can always be minute mistakes, and my 3 minutes make a big difference for the up.

very grateful for your help !!

Vishal Aksh

Yesterday 7:16 PM

+Leo Correa

(1)It is true that it is not possible to record one’s birth time accurately but several times it is recorded fairly accurate and life events are best to be taken into consideration to rectify one’s birth time only if it is found necessary.

(1.1) There is always a confusion when a learner of Jyotish / astrology examines his own horoscope. Several times he confuses on account of his rising sign sometimes with one sign previous and sometimes one sign advance of his calculated rising sign and sometime he considers his rising sign even far away from the adjoining signs as in your case your Vedic rising sign is Capricorn but you strongly believe that your reflect all the characteristics attributed to Sagittarius just one sign previous to your calculated rising sign Capricorn and this issue should be solved first.

(1.2)The characteristics of a person depends not only on rising sign, Moon sign or Sun sign but also the signs occupied by lord of rising sign and Aatmakarka Planet in Shysthansh Chart (D60, All events), Akshvedansh Chart (D45, also for All events), Bhansh Chart (D27, as this chart reflect instincts and strength & weaknesses) and Dashmansh Chart (D10, as this chart indicates one’s occupation and nowadays a person is known from his occupation in the society). Applying this to your nativity. In your nativity your Aatmakarks Planet (The planet with highest degree among seven planets excluding Rahu & Ketu) is Mars and this Mars occupies the Dashmansh of Sagittarius and your rising lord Saturn occupies the Shysthansh of Sagittarius and thus you also reflect what has been attributed to Sagittarius. This indicates you may be under the influence of Sagittarius with Capricorn as your rising sign or may not be.

(2) Verification Of Your Horoscope On The Basis Of Your Past Events As Given By You:

(2.1) While judging a horoscope always remember to apply dasha calculated from Rising Longitude too in addition to that from Lunar Longitude otherwise you will not get accuracy. At least apply two other dasha such as Kaal Chakra Dasha and Yogini Dasha besides the application of Vinshottri Dasha.

(2.2) You described in your previous comment that an event of bad memory occurred in your life on April 16, 1991 and as per you it also affected your reputation adversely. At that time within November 28, 1987 to November 28, 1991 the Yogini Dasha Bhamari ruled by Mars as calculated from your longitude of rising sign was in progression. At that time you were in your teen age and in teen age if Yogini Bhamari operates it give one illusions and motivates a teenager to harm his own reputation. In your Bhansh Chart (D27) this Bhamari Dasha lord Mars occupies 10th house in Aries and it receives aspect from Maandi (A sub Planet and highly malefic) which occupies Bhansh rising sign in conjunction with Sun and Bhamari Lord Mars is also in conjunction with Gulika (Another highly malefic sub Planet) and this Gulika also aspects Moon deposited in the 4th house in your Bhansh Chart.

(2.3) In your Bhansh Chart your Aatmakarka Mars occupies Aries so Aries becomes the Bhanshkarkansh Lagna and in your Rashi Chart taking Aries as your Bhanshkarkansh Lagna there is mutual exchange between Bhanshkarkansh Lagna lord Mars and that of third from it Mercury and in Bhanshkarkansh Lagina there is Sun & Ketu conjunction and this is Grahan Yoga too. From Febuary 10, 1991 to March 1, 1992 there was Sub period of Sun in the main period of Jupiter in Ashtottri Dasha as calculated from your longitude of rising sign. It gives bad memories and also threatening to one’s reputation. In your horoscope Sun is in conjunction with Ketu.

(2.4) In your previous comment you mentioned that you have no children. In your Chalit Chakra Ketu, Mercury & Jupiter move to 5th Bhava from 4th house this is adverse for your family prospect relating to your children, in your Akshvedansh Chart (D45) this Ketu is in 5th house in conjunction with natural malefic Saturn and in your Shysthansh Chart (D60) this Ketu is in 5th house in conjunction with 5th lord. These are all adverse for all the benefits on account of children in your case. In your case the Charaputrakarka is Moon and it is also the lord of your Saptansh rising sign and occupies your Saptansh Lagna so your Charasaptanshkarkansh Lagna becomes Cancer sign and in your Chalit Chakra this Moon moves to 5th Bhava from Charasaptanshkarkansh Lagna Kark and there it forms conjunction with Rahu and so it becomes afflicted in giving you all the comforts on account of children. In your Saptansh Chart the 5th Aroodhpada Lagna falls in Virgo and its lord Mercury is in 12th from it in conjunction with Ketu this is also higly adverse in this context.

(2.3) Several times I have mentioned that Vedic Jyotish is based on common sense and if you apply your common sense and then you will find that Sagittarius or a horse rider lives in a society and never like solitary places to live but a crocodile represented by Capricorn always live in solitary places so people under Capricorn several times like to maintain isolation and it may be on account of a tragedy or similar incidences.

(2.4) In your Draskan Chart the rising sign is again Capricorn and 6th lord Mercury, 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter is disposed in the worst malefic house 8th house in conjunction with Ketu and in your Draskan Chart Maandi the sub Planet aspects 3rd house. It gives tough atmosphere to your brothers or sisters within the Jupiter’s Ashttotri Dasha from May 3, 2000 to May 3, 2019 and in your last comment you mentioned that your sister suffered on account of serious appendicitis pain on March 21, 2015.

(2.5) In your Vinshansh Chart (D20)your Chara Aatmakarka Mars occupies sign Virgo and in that you 10th Bhavamadhya of your Chalit Chakra falls and in your Vinshansh Chart (D20) your Chara Aamatyakarka Mercury falls in Aries and in your Chalit Chakra your 5th Bhavamadhya falls in Aries not in Tarus. It indicates the enhancement of your spiritual approach within May 3, 2000 to May 3, 2019. Vedic Jyotish is an applied form of spirituality so it also enhances your knowledge about Jyotish / astrology.

(2.6) After analyzing your Vedic horoscope minutely it appears your horoscope with Capricorn ascendant speaks better about your life events you mentioned in your previous comments.

(3) In your horoscope the Sub Planet the longitude of Sub Planet Maandi is: Capricorn 26⁰ 46’ 20” and its Navansh sign is Virgo. As per Vedic Jyotish one’s natal rising sign is 1st, 5th, 7th or 9th sign from the sign occupied by the sub Planet Maandi and in your case the 1st sign occupied by Maandi is Capricorn itself. In your horoscope the Navansh Sign of Maandi is Virgo and 5th sign from Virgo is Capricorn so your rising sign is Capricorn.

(4) Your Vedic horoscope also indicates adverse phase regarding your father and a period after November 23, 2012 onwards is also adverse for your father.

(5) In your Chalit Chakra Ketu, mercury and Jupiter moves to 5th bhava from 4th house and it indicates your Vedic Devta to be worshiped is Ganesha.

(6) After your feedback I shall recommend two mantras to you to recite to bring all the affliction stored in your horoscope under your control.

Written on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 19:13 (IST) by
Vishal Aksh

Leo Correa

Yesterday 9:36 PM

Hello mister Vishal Aksh, I feel very much thanked for his reading.

I had some doubts, since in hospitals mistakes can take place in the moment of the annotation of the time,with 23:26 the lagna change

and by the complexity of this analysis I can only think that my Lagna is Capricorn.

Mr. Vishal Aksh, I have the notion that there are many afflictions in my letter, I felt and I feel that in my life, I went through many things and now I try to spiritualize and study Jyotish

I am from a poor family, my mother suffered many adversities, my father always distant and no coexistence with him in childhood, and now is already dead. dated July 7, 1996

I have a cars workshop, automotive paint, I am putting this information to facilitate reading

My interest is in spirituality, to help people, always do the best I can, but I have a lot to learn, Jyotisha is a good study and made me go in search of solving my karmic problems, try to help my family and also to help people.

I am very grateful for your analysis of my letter, if you can show me mantras to help me on this journey will be very grateful and I will not forget, thank you!

please forgive my English!


One thought on “Analysis Of The Horoscope Of Leo Correa By Vishal Aksh (The Post Of Leo Correa From His Google+ Found Deleted And Thus Republished)

  1. Vishal Aksh, at that time I continued to study and learned some techniques for correcting birth time, I used methods such as Kunda, Gulika, Pranapada and Varga chatustaya by adjusting the lagna length on D-9, D-12, D-81 and D -108 with natal nakshatra or his trikona, adjusting all these data the lagna remained in “0 Makar 46’26 .03” USha pada2 “, confirming his excellent analysis, I am very grateful Guruji.(sorry for the inconvenience)


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