Mercury Mesh Rashi Transit Holds “Satyameva Jayate” – an article written by Vishal Aksh

The Supreme Court’s Historic Judgment About Nirbhya Exists In The Mundane Astrological Predictions Given By Vishal Aksh


(1) May Parmatma Shiva & Bhagwati Parvati bless you all the inner peace and wisdom.

(2) As per Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastram the nine Avatara of Vishnu appeared from nine Planets so far.

(3) Sun posses maximum nesergik bala (natural strength) followed by Moon and Venus and Rishi Parshuram appeared from Venus in that Avatara to give dignity to Renuka Vishnu in the Avatara of Rishi  Parshurama punished the then existing adhrmi (anti religious & anti human) Kshtriyas. Rama Avatara of Vishnu appeared from Sun and in that Avatara of Vishnu Sri Rama dignified Ahiliya by making her freed from the punishments of Rishi Gautam and the Krishana Avatara of Vishnu appeared from Moon and in that Sri Krishana protected Draupadi from her Chir herana (Undressing) by Dushashana in the  assembly of Kaurvas

(4) As per Bhavishya Purana Vishnu is the Devta and Aadhidev of Budh (Mercury) and as per Vedic Jyotish Budh (Mercury) represents Vishnu and thus all the desires of Parmatma Vishnu implement in the Transits of Budh (Mercury). In 2017 the transit of Budh (Mercury) in Mesh Rashi (Sidereal Aries) is from March 27, 2017 To June 3, 2017 and within this transit the Vedic statement “Satyameva Jayate” (Truth Alone Triumphs) held in the form of Indian Supreme Court’s historic judgment about Nirbhaya on Friday, May 5, 2017. Everyone even having little knowledge about Vedic Jyotish knows that Shukarvaar (Friday) is ruled by Shukra (Venus). In forthcoming paragraph (5) this judgment of Indian Supreme Court will be described:

(5) Major Event: “The Supreme Court on Friday confirmed the death sentence awarded to four convicts in the Nibhaya gang rape case of 2012, a verdict welcomed with spontaneous clapping in the overcrowded visitors’ gallery unseen in the courtroom in recent years. In a strong message that the diabolic crime had shocked the collective conscience of the society, and that the court cannot but treat it as a rarest of rare case where death sentences are awarded, a three-judge bench agreed that the accused did not deserve any sympathy” – So says THE ECONOMIC TIMES in its update of May 6, 2017. Follow link: to view this in details.


(6) Covering Prediction: “(15) …..respected courts and judges will give their bold and dignified decisions within Mar. 27, 2017 To Jun. 3, 2017 – See The covering mundane astrological Predictions described under this  paragraph (4) was given by me in the article: “Prospects Within Mar. 27, 2017 To Jun. 3, 2017” – astrological predictions by Vishal Aksh written by me on my on Sunday, March 26, 2017. See whatever has been predicted by me under (15) of that article based on Mercury’s Mesh Rashi (Sidereal Aries) Transit On March 27, 2017. Follow link: to view this there



Written on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 14:56 (IST) by

Vishal Aksh


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