Who is True Guru Deva Guru Brispati Or Asur Guru Shukaracharya?

In natural zodiac 4th house considered as Karka rashiand also rules heart Jupiter gets exalted in this sign and this dignity is only given to Jupiter only. 

In lagna or 10th (4 & 7 also) Jupiter forms powerful Hans yoga while in Kark, Dhanu or Meena rashiHere Hans stands for two meaning (1) Hans as a bird is supposed to separate milk from water so indicates extreme wisdom (2) Parmatma is also known as Hans and in Hans yoga Jupiter is dignified not Venus. 

One of the sign ruled by Venus is Tula and it is an airy sign and other sign of Venus is Vrish an earthy sign and by nature Venus is watery planet so it lacks true spirituality and it does not mean it is not spiritual planet. The water is influenced by the Gravitational force but Guru freed one from the clutches of Gravitational force & Gravitational barrier.

On the other hand Jupiter has Akash Tatwa and one of its sign is Meena a watery sign and its Moola Trikona sign is Dhanur Rashi which is a fiery sign and everyone knows the flames of fire always upwards almost free from the gravity and gravitational barriers.Being of Akash tatwa and filed with these quality this Jupiter or Guru brings one from materialistic approach to spiritual approach and at last to the Parmatma the ultimate approach. 

It takes years to understand this in true sense and without the blessing of Guru it is not possible.

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Chara Karka As Described In Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra

(1) Last Friday, July 17, 2015 was a blissful day for me as by the graces of Pramatma Shiva and Bhagwati Parvati the mighty concept of Chara Karka described in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra became understandable to me. Though it took several years to relate the concept of Chara Karka to Annual Horoscope and Horary Horoscope.

(2) It was in 1991 when I read this concept in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra and since then I started using this concept in various horoscopes but did not get any success. After that I found that this concept of Chara Karka was further developed by Rishi Jamini and in Vedic Jyotish this branch of Jyotish is known as Jaimini Jyotish.

(3) The point of confusion about this system was that the concept of Chara Karka was not found applicable to Annual Horoscopes, Horary Horoscopes and its relationship with these two horoscopes.

(4) But in several cases this system was found giving accurate results with slight modifications.

(5) It is stated in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra that the Navansh of Aatmkarka Planet is the Karkansh or Karklagna. But in 1993 or 1995 an idea got into my mind that besides Navansh the concept of Karkansh should be applied in Chaturthans to judge Bhagya and property, Dashamnsh to judge profession, Shodashansh to judge assets & conforts, Vinshansh to judge spiritual attainments, Siddhansh to judge academic attainments, Bhansh to judge strength and weaknesses, Trishmansh to judge miseries and diseases and Khavedansh to judge good and bad. I found this concept working accurately in several cases.

(5.1) In Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra there is no mention about Chara Karka for Bhagya & property, profession, assets & comforts, spirituality, academy, strength & weaknesses, miseries and good & bad actions. But in same book there was mention about Shodash Vargs covering different aspect of life. It clearly indicated that the Karkansh Lagna or Amatyakarkansh Lagna should also be calculated by considering various divisional charts.

(5.2) Concept of Aaroodh Pada Lagna should also be applied to these Chara Karkansha.

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May I have Your Attention?

(1) One thing I want to add here that no dasha is entirely good or bad. In good dasha one will have bad time and in auspicious dasha one will have to face bad time. But if an auspicious event occurs it should be continued or horoscope has a power to continue it. If I start analyzing any horoscope in minute details then it will become a book of about 500 pages or even more. But an astrologer should always be in a mode to devise new techniques with philosophical base. As I always use to say that in Vedic Jyotisha the understanding is more important than research. Everything is written in ancient book on Vedic Jyotish.

(2) There is no need to test any technique given in ancient text on Vedic Jyotish. The books on ancient Vedic Jyotish are the torches and one should use his intelligence as his eyes to see the Past, Present and Future. In my opinion one is insulting the knowledge by saying testing the techniques. The Sanskrit word Tantra has two meaning (1) The complete system and in that system Jyotish represents the eyes (2) The Technique and this English word is very near to Sanskrit word Tantra. In a number of horoscopes I have seen lord of Lagna in Lagna the person concerned suffering from prolong physical ailments and even more than that. Here again one should use his intelligence as his eyes to view in the light of ancient book on Vedic Jyotish and other Vedic literatures. We all are living in era Kaliyuga and the people have to suffer in this Kaliyuga on various accounts. This applies for every horoscope in this Kaliyuga.

(3) I saw very few astrologers on public sites analyzing any horoscope minutely but instead I saw astrologer predicting “American President may visit India” was it a prediction? But it could be a prediction if that astrologer had predicted it years before. I saw astrologers saying that he is learner and try to learn more here everyone should note if this was said by an astrologer equal to the status of Dr. B. V. Raman then it is inspiring otherwise that astrologer is not confident and making grounds for his safe side. I saw astrologers saying they are not astrologers but know several techniques of Jyotish and it is again their attempt to make them safeguarded. Varhamihira described such astrologers as Nakshatra Suchaka (quakes in modern terms) centuries ago and he also ascribed divine punishments to such Nakshatra Suchaka astrologers and person following them. In various Puranas such Nakshatra Suchaka Astrologers are referred to as Nakshatra Jeevee and they are all allotted Narka (hell)

(4) I also saw astrologers saying that Astrology never be used for earning purposes and it is again a big joke. In ancient books on Vedic Jyotish it is written that 1. Person with his 10th lord in the Navansh of Mercury makes his livelihood from the practice of Jyotisha and 2. Person with his 10th lord in the Navansh of Jupiter makes his livelihood from the knowledge of Trikaala (Past, Present and Future). So it is cleared that Jyotish is also a way to earn like other professions.

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How To Make Your Mercury Auspicious?

(1) In Vedic Jyotish Mercury signifies Education and its weak position and adverse disposition in main chart and Siddhansh Chart (D24) of a student  affects his education. So without proper education his career will also become unsatisfactory.

(2) If one gets well eduction but this Mercury is not found well disposed in his Dashmansh Chart then he will always have problems and instabilities in his career because Vedic Jyotish maximum number of professions to Mercury. So without proper career and its growth the incoming of wealth becomes slow.

(3) Mercury also represents speech and expressions so if it is weak or afflicted in Saptvinshansh Chart (D27) then it gives one speech defects d also makes one inexpressive and it is perhaps the biggest disqualification of this competitive world if anyone has this.

(4) The aforesaid three zones need a well develop Mercury to flourish and in Vedic Jyotish Mercury signifies Parmatma Vishnu the preserver of this mortal world.

(5) Remedies:

(5.1)If anyone has weak and afflicted Mercury but well disposed disposed  Saturn in his Vinshansh (D20) or Panchmansh (D5) Chart then he should recite Ratri Suktam given in Durgasaptshati to make his Mercury auspicious

(5.2) If anyone in his horoscope has weak and afflicted Mercury but powerful Sun in his Vinshansh Chart (D20) or Panchmansh Chart (D5) then he should recite Shridurgashtottarshatnaamstrotram to make his Mercury auspicious.

(5.3) If anyone with weak and afflicted Mercury in his horoscope also has weak Vinshansh and Panchmansh Chart then he should recite Vedokta Ratri Suktam.

(5.4) Devotion to Devi Durga is also simple remedy to make Mercury auspicious in long run.

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How To Protect Against Foes?

(1) Centuries before Aacharya Chanakya said in his neeties that no one is the friend of anyone and no one is the enemy of anyone and it is the conduct which decides the one is friend or foe. It took several years for me to understand it properly.

(2) Aacharya Chanakya used the word Vavhaara and in english it is known as conduct.

(3) This Vavhaara or conduct depends on the state of mana (mind?) and as per Ayurveda there are three states of mana 1. Satvik Mana, 2. Rajsika Mana, and 3. Tamsika Mana.

(4) In jyotisha Moon signifies Mana Sun, Jupiter signify Sato Guna, Mercury, Venus signify Rajo Guna and Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu signify Tamo Guna.

(5) Basically Tamo guna results in enmity. Person with adverse disposition of Moon in their horoscope with their Moon afflicted by Tamsika Planets such as Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu suffers from foes and hidden foes.

(6) Lord of Lagna in any horoscope in 8th, 6th and 12th Bhava results in the same up to greater extant.

(7) 8th, 6th and 12th bhavas are also related to war and battles and a soldier wears Kavach to protect himself in battle field.

(8) Person with their Lagna Lords in 8th, 6th or 12th Bhavas usually find themselves in the battlefield of life where they find the Time as their greatest enemy standing before them.

(9) So people having their Lagna Lords in 8th, 6th or 12th Bhavas should recite the Kavach of their Lagna Lords to protect themselves against unkind planets and foes.

(10) People having Simh Lagna with Sun is 8th, 6th or 12th house should recite Surya Kavach or Aaditya Hrideya Strotra as given in Ramayana.

(11) People having Kark Lagna with Moon occupying 8th, 6th and 12th bhava in their horoscopes should recite Chandra Kavach or Devi Kavach if Moon is extremely afflicted

(12) People having Mesh or Vrischika Lagna with Mars in 8th, 6th or 12th Bhavas in their horoscopes should recite Mangal Kavacha or Sankata Devi strotra 8 times a day.

(13) People having Mithuna or Kanya Lagna with Mercury in 8th, 6th or 12th Bhavas in their horoscopes should recite Budh Kavach or Vishnu Shastranaam but before reciting Vishnu Shastranaam they should perform the process to make it freed from the curse of Rudra only then it will be effective.

(14) People having Dhanur or Meena Lagna having the Lagna lord Jupiter in 8th, 6th or 12th Bhavas should recite Guru Kavach or Gaytri Kavach.

(15) People having Vrish or Tula Lagna with Lagna Lord Venus occupying 8th, 6th or 12th Bhava in their horoscope should recite Shukra Kavach or Aprijita Strotra three times a day.

(16) People having Makar or Kumbh Lagnas with Lagna Lord Saturn placed in 8th, 6th and 12th Bhava in their horoscopes should recite Shani Vajrapanjar Strotra.

(17) In case when in one’s horoscope his lord of Lagna is placed in 8th, 6th or 12th Bhava and is badly afflicted by unkind planets then that person should recite Devi Kavach three times a day, Vedic Mritunjay Mantra for 216 times a day along with Dashmeyee Bala strotra three times a day.

(18) People having their Moon sign lord disposed in 8th, 6th or 12th from their Chandra Lagna should also recite Kavach as recommended above.

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How To Predict Without Horoscope? Written By Vishal Aksh

(1) Perhaps most of the astrologers are not aware of this system of prediction without considering one’s horoscope. I have developed this system on the basis of my years of experience & researches conducted in the field of Vedic astrology. But this system exists in ancient texts on Vedic astrology in some form but not with total clarity. Most of the practising astrologers use the basics of this system in some form.

(2) As in the branch of astropalmistry a horoscope is cast on the basis of one’s palm or thumb readings and from that his life events are predicted. Similarly this system is based on Vedic Numerology and a horoscope is cast on the basis of numbers and from that one’s life events are predicted with accuracy. The similar system used by most of the astrologers can not gives the reading about one’s life with his various prospects but this system developed by me gives the entire readings of one’s life and it is as accurate as one’s natal horoscope and that is why I have termed it Equivalent Horoscope.

(3) Advantages Of This Equivalent Horoscope System Of Prediction:

(3.1) (1) It requires no details to cast and predict and thus there is no need for one’s birth time rectification. (2) In  place of one’s birth place the place where astrologer cast one’s Equivalent Horoscope is taken. (3) It requires no question time as the time of the cast of this Equivalent Horoscope is calculated by astrologer.

(3.2) Disadvantages Of This Equivalent Horoscope System:

(3.3) (1) It is time consuming. (2) In a complete day only one Equivalent  Horoscope is to be analysed so the astrologers judging 10 to 20 horoscope a day will find it difficult to practice.

(4) I have predicted the life events of several person with accuracy and now I am going to discuss a practical case where I predicted the some life events of a person with successful prediction about her future  on the the timeline of my facebook on the basis of Equivalent Horoscope System.

(4.1) On 27/01/2014 respected Sunilee Jani Pawar posted her query on the timeline of my facebook in which she wanted to know about her real estate property matters. The following is the picture of that post on the timeline of my facebook containing her query


(4.2) One day after casting her Equivalent Horoscope I analysed her horoscope and wrote that on the comments section on that post containing her query on the timeline of my facebook and following is that analysis I have written for her:

Part (A)

In this post you asked me to analyze your query on the basis of Question Horoscope. The field of Vedic astrology is very vast and in Vedic astrology there are several different systems making a complete system of Vedic system. I am now going to answering your queries on the basis of Equivalent Horoscope system of Vedic astrology. This is unique system in Vedic astrology and is known to very few astrologers only. In this Equivalent Horoscope system Vedic numerology plays an important role. The following is the number calculated to know about you through a secret technique of Vedic numerology:

(1.1) The number calculated to know about you past, present & future: 668

(1.2) Ruling Planet of left hand side digit 6: Saturn (different from modern numerology)

(1.3) Ruling planet of middle digit 6: Saturn (different from modern numerology)

(1.4) Ruling planet of right hand side digit 8: Rahu (different from modern numerology)

(1.5) The root number after reducing 668 to a single number: 6 + 6 + 8 = 20 and 2 + 0 = 2 

(1.6) The ruling planet for root number 2: Mars (different from modern numerology)

(1.7) The day represented by 668 to be calculated by dividing it by 7 and reminder is the day: 668/7 = 3. The third day from Sunday is Tuesday

(1.8) The lord of Day calculated from 668 i.e. Tuesday: Mars

(1.9) The Lagna indicated by no. 668: Makar 00deg.24mins.19secs. 

(1.10) When Makar 00deg. 24mins. 19secs. Rose on eastern horizon in the early morning of 04/02/2014 and that will be the time to cast your Equivalent Horoscope. This equivalent Horoscope is as effective as your Horoscope in giving the results and thus the analysis of it will be useful to predict about you.

(1.11) From (1.2), (1.3) & (1.4) it is cleared that this number is dominated by Saturn & Rahu but according to dictum Shanivad Rahu than it becomes clear number 668 is dominated by Saturn.

(1.12) From points (1.6) and (1.8) it is cleared that Mars also has strong dominance on 668.

(1.13) From points (1.11), (1.12) & (1.10) it becomes clear that Saturn, Mars and Equivalent Horoscope with Makar 00deg.24mins19secs. dominate number 668.

(4.2) I cast her Equivalent Horoscope on 03/02/2014 in Faridabad (Haryana) and following is her Equivalent Horoscope and for better understanding it is given here but on her that post it was not given:



(4.3) I am giving the rest of the part of that analysis of the Equivalent Horoscope of respected Sunilee Jani Pawar Ji done by me on her post on the timeline of my facebook below:

Part (B)

(2.1) The following periods and Sub periods found effective in your so obtained Equivalent Horoscope:

(2.2) From 05/04/2013 to 05/04/2030: Mahadasha of Mercury

(2.3) From 05/04/2013 to 01/09/2015: Antardasha of Mercury in Mahadasha of Mercury

(2.4) From 31/05/1992 to 31/05/2012: Mahadasha of Venus as calculated from the lagna of your Equivalent Horoscope

(2.5) From 08/06/2001 to 08/06/2017: Kaal Chakra Mahadasha of Vrish rashi.

(2.6) From 10/12/2010 to 10/12/2022: Ashttotri Mahadasha of Rahu 

(2.7) From 03/09/2010 to 03/09/2020: Ashttotri Mahadasha of Saturn as calculated from the longitude of the lagna of your Equivalent Horoscope.

(2.8) Charts used for the analyzing of your Equivalent Horoscope: 1. Equivalent Rashi Chart, 2. Equivalent Chalit-Chakra, 3. Equivalent Chaturthansh(D4), 4. Equivalent Dashmansh (D10), 5. Equivalent Ekadashansh (D11), 6. Equivalent Shodashansh (D16), 7. Equivalent Vinshansh (D20) & 8. Equivalent Panchmansh (D5, different from Varshphal) 

(3.1) Before analyzing your Equivalent Horoscope in terms of your query it will be better to analyze your Equivalent Horoscope in terms of other prospects of your life. 

(3.2) Your spiritual / occult prospects: In the Your Equivalent D20 chart Saturn is in 8th house receiving aspects from exalted benefic Jupiter and benefic Mercury and this Saturn aspects 2nd house containing Vrish rashi in your Equivalent D20 chart this shows the development and enhancement of your occult tendencies with the advent of Vrish rashi Kaal Chakra Dasha i.e. from 08/06/2001 to 08/06/2017 in your Equivalent Horoscope. In your Equivalent D5 chart Saturn occupies 2nd house in its own sign and Sun is in exaltation and Venus in 11th house indicate your spiritual developments and enhancement within this same period and astrology is an applied form of spirituality thus it also flourished within same period. This period will be up to 08/06/2017. Furthermore Ketu is in 5th house in your Equivalent D5 chart in Vrish rashi but here it gets cancellation of its debilitation because of the aspect of Venus falling on it in your Equivalent D5 chart. So within a period started from 10/12/2010 onwards indicates your developments and enhancements in the knowledge of astrology and spirituality and this period will be up to 10/12/2022

(3.3) Prediction (1): Within a period up to 08/06/2017 there will be further developments in you occult and spiritual approach and a period started from 10/12/2012 to 10/12/2022 will prove significant in your spiritual progress and understanding of astrology. 

(3.4) Your Financial Prospects: In your Equivalent rashi chart the Venus is in 12th house this shows heavy expenditures and fluctuations in financial position within a period started from 31/05/1992 to 31/05/2012 but this period overall proved gainful financially. One thing is clear from your Equivalent Horoscope that it indicates loans.

(3.5) Prediction (2): There is fear of taking huge loans and this period has been started since 05/04/2013 and will be up to 05/04/2030 so care should be taken by you in this context and these loans will be due to the actions of your past life and the present life. So remedies should be performed by you to overcome it.

(3.6) Your Other prospects: In your Equivalent D16 horoscope Venus occupies its own sign indicates within a period started from 31/05/1992 to 31/05/2012 there were acquisitions of assets and articles of comforts in your house. But from 08/06/2001 onwards your assets, domestic appliances and vehicle started facing troubles but they are frequently replaces or repaired well and this period will be up to 08/06/2017.

(3.7) Prediction (3): Period has been started from 08/06/2001 to 08/06/2017 in your Equivalent Horoscope which will give you troubles on account of defects in your assets, appliances & vehicles but on the other hand there will be their replacements when required or their repairing and in your house and no assets etc should be in non working conditions due to defects up to 08/06/2017.

(3.8) Your property acquisitions: From point (1.13) it is clear that Saturn and Mars dominate on number 668 along with your Equivalent lagna Makar. In your Equivalent Horoscope the lagna is Makar and Saturn is the lord of your Equivalent Horoscope and Mars is the lord of 4th ruling property. In Equivalent Chalit-Chakra 4th lord Mars moves to 10th bhava from 9th house and forms conjunction with your Equivalent lagna lord Saturn. Here Mars is the lord of 11th too so this indicates affairs relating to dealing in land, building or house and this period has been started since 26/08/2013 onwards.

(3.9) In your Equivalent D4 chart the lagna is also Makar and it receives aspects from its own lord Saturn and the planet signifying property i.e. Mars. This is good for the acquisition of property and this combination started working in your Equivalent Horoscope from 08/06/2001 onwards and will remain up to 08/06/2017. Now considering Moon sign Kanya rashi in your Equivalent D4 chart the lord of your Equivalent D4 Moon sign is Mercury, there is exchange between 9th lord Venus and 10th lord Mercury, 4th house from it is Dhanur rashi occupied by its own lord Jupiter and the planet signifying property i.e. Mars aspects this 4th lord Jupiter and Equivalent D4 Moon sign Kanya rashi. This further confirms your dealings in property such as land, building or house within a period up to 08/06/2017.

(3.10) Prediction (4): There will be your dealings in properties such as land, building or house at any time up to 08/06/2017, a period started from 04/02/2014 to 04/02/2016 will prove relevant in this contexts and a period started from 04/02/2014 to 04/02/2015 will also prove relevant in this context.

(4.4) Same day I received a great feedback from Sunilee Jani Pawar Ji on that post of her in that she appreciated me and my work and the following is the picture of her comments:

Use 02

(4.5) On 12/03/2014 I received another post from respected Sunilee Jani Pawar JI on the timeline of my facebook and it proved the accuracy of Equivalent Horoscope System developed by me. Whatever I have predicted about her came true in full measures. The following is the picture of that post of her on the timeline of my facebook:

Use 03


(4.6) It was a great moment for me and I expressed that great moment after writing a post on the timeline of my facebook and following is the picture of that post of mine:

Use 04


(5) I am sure this post will be useful to learner and researchers of Vedic astrology and promotion of Vedic astrology throughout the world is my only aim of life and through that I want to live in your hearts.

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